Ticket #12357: ahci_rework_v1-01.log

File ahci_rework_v1-01.log, 6.0 KB (added by kallisti5, 5 years ago)
1KERN: PCI: device 1c02: 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller
2KERN: PCI: info: Mass storage controller (SATA controller, AHCI 1.0)
3KERN: ahci: generic AHCI controller found! vendor 0x8086, device 0x1c02
4KERN: ahci: ahci_register_device
5KERN: ahci: ahci_init_driver
6KERN: ahci: ahci_sim_init_bus
7KERN: ahci: ahci_sim_init_bus: pciDevice 0xffffffff8247c0c0
8KERN: ahci: AHCIController::Init 0:31:2 vendor 8086, device 1c02
9KERN: ahci: PCI SATA capability found at offset 0xa8
10KERN: ahci: satacr0 = 0x0010b012, satacr1 = 0x00000048
11KERN: ahci: pcicmd old 0x0007
12KERN: ahci: pcicmd new 0x0006
13KERN: ahci: using MSI vector 24
14KERN: ahci: registers at 0xf7c06000, size 0x800
15KERN: ahci: mapping physical address 0xf7c06000 with 2048 bytes for AHCI HBA regs
16KERN: ahci: physical = 0xf7c06000, virtual = 0xffffffff81f89000, offset = 0, phyadr = 0xf7c06000, mapadr = 0xffffffff81f89000, size = 4096, area = 0x000002f8
17KERN: ahci: cap: Interface Speed Support: generation 2
18KERN: ahci: cap: Number of Command Slots: 32 (raw 0x1f)
19KERN: ahci: cap: Number of Ports: 4 (raw 0x3)
20KERN: ahci: cap: Supports Port Multiplier: no
21KERN: ahci: cap: Supports External SATA: no
22KERN: ahci: cap: Enclosure Management Supported: yes
23KERN: ahci: cap: Supports Command List Override: yes
24KERN: ahci: cap: Supports Staggered Spin-up: yes
25KERN: ahci: cap: Supports Mechanical Presence Switch: no
26KERN: ahci: cap: Supports 64-bit Addressing: yes
27KERN: ahci: cap: Supports Native Command Queuing: yes
28KERN: ahci: cap: Supports SNotification Register: no
29KERN: ahci: cap: Supports Command List Override: yes
30KERN: ahci: cap: Supports AHCI mode only: no
31KERN: ahci: cap2: DevSleep Entrance from Slumber Only: no
32KERN: ahci: cap2: Supports Aggressive Device Sleep Management: no
33KERN: ahci: cap2: Supports Device Sleep: no
34KERN: ahci: cap2: Automatic Partial to Slumber Transitions: yes
35KERN: ahci: cap2: NVMHCI Present: no
36KERN: ahci: cap2: BIOS/OS Handoff: no
37KERN: ahci: ghc: AHCI Enable: yes
38KERN: ahci: Ports Implemented Mask: 0x000003 Number of Available Ports: 2
39KERN: ahci: AHCI Version 0001.03.00 Interrupt 24
40KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::Init1 port 0
41KERN: ahci: allocating 4096 bytes for AHCI port 0
42KERN: ahci: area = 761, size = 4096, virt = 0xffffffff81f8a000, phy = 0x13a0f000
43KERN: ahci: PRD table is at 0xffffffff81f8a580
44KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::Init1 port 1
45KERN: ahci: allocating 4096 bytes for AHCI port 1
46KERN: ahci: area = 762, size = 4096, virt = 0xffffffff81f8b000, phy = 0x13a0e000
47KERN: ahci: PRD table is at 0xffffffff81f8b580
48KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::Init2 port 0
49KERN: ahci: Enable: port 0
50KERN: ahci: ie 0x7dc0007f
51KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::InterruptErrorHandler port 0, fCommandsActive 0x00000000, is 0x00400040, ci 0x00000000
52KERN: ahci: is 0x00400040
53KERN: ahci: ssts 0x00000123
54KERN: ahci: cmd 0x00004017
55KERN: ahci: sctl.ipm 0x03
56KERN: ahci: ssts 0x00000123
57KERN: ahci: sctl.spd 0x00
58KERN: ahci: sctl.ipm 0x03
59KERN: ahci: sctl.det 0x00
60KERN: ahci: sctl.spd 0x00
61KERN: ahci: serr 0x04050000
62KERN: ahci: sctl.det 0x00
63KERN: ahci: sact 0x00000000
64KERN: ahci: serr 0x04050000
65KERN: ahci: PhyReady Change
66KERN: ahci: Port Connect Change
67KERN: ahci: _HardReset: Called on port 0
68KERN: ahci: sact 0x00000000
69KERN: ahci: _HardReset: PORT_CMD_ST set, bypassing hard reset
70KERN: ahci: tfd 0x00000150
71KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::Init2 port 1
72KERN: ahci: Enable: port 1
73KERN: ahci: ie 0x7dc0007f
74KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::InterruptErrorHandler port 1, fCommandsActive 0x00000000, is 0x00400040, ci 0x00000000
75KERN: ahci: is 0x00400040
76KERN: ahci: ssts 0x00000113
77KERN: ahci: cmd 0x00004017
78KERN: ahci: sctl.ipm 0x03
79KERN: ahci: ssts 0x00000113
80KERN: ahci: sctl.spd 0x00
81KERN: ahci: sctl.ipm 0x03
82KERN: ahci: sctl.det 0x00
83KERN: ahci: sctl.spd 0x00
84KERN: ahci: serr 0x04050000
85KERN: ahci: sctl.det 0x00
86KERN: ahci: sact 0x00000000
87KERN: ahci: serr 0x04050000
88KERN: ahci: PhyReady Change
89KERN: ahci: Port Connect Change
90KERN: ahci: _HardReset: Called on port 1
91KERN: ahci: sact 0x00000000
92KERN: ahci: _HardReset: PORT_CMD_ST set, bypassing hard reset
93KERN: ahci: tfd 0x00000100
94KERN: ahci: cookie = 0xffffffff8222b180
95KERN: ahci: ahci_path_inquiry, cookie 0xffffffff8222b180
96KERN: ahci: ahci_scan_bus, cookie 0xffffffff8222b180
97KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::ScsiTestUnitReady port 0
98KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::ScsiInquiry port 0
99KERN: ahci: lba 1, lba48 1, fUse48BitCommands 1, sectors 268435455, sectors48 1953525168, size 1000204886016
100KERN: ahci: model number: WDC WD10EADS-00L5B1
101KERN: ahci: serial number: WD-WCAU45958290
102KERN: ahci: firmware rev.: 01.01A01
103KERN: ahci: sg_memcpy phyAddr 0x12c4f150, size 96
104KERN: ahci: ahci_get_restrictions, cookie 0xffffffff8222b180
105KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::ScsiGetRestrictions port 0: isATAPI 0, noAutoSense 0, maxBlocks 65536
106KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::ScsiTestUnitReady port 1
107KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::ScsiInquiry port 1
108KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::InterruptErrorHandler port 1, fCommandsActive 0x00000001, is 0x40000001, ci 0x00000001
109KERN: ahci: ssts 0x00000113
110KERN: ahci: sctl.ipm 0x03
111KERN: ahci: sctl.spd 0x00
112KERN: ahci: sctl.det 0x00
113KERN: ahci: serr 0x00000000
114KERN: ahci: sact 0x00000000
115KERN: ahci: Task File Error
116KERN: ahci: ResetPort: port 1
117KERN: ahci: Enable: port 1
118KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::ResetPort port 1, deviceBusy 0, forceDeviceReset 0
119KERN: ahci: Enable: port 1
120KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::PostReset port 1
121KERN: ahci: device signature 0xeb140101 (ATAPI)
122KERN: ahci: sata_request::finish ATA command 0xec failed: status 0x51, error 0x04
123KERN: ahci: identify device failed
124KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::ScsiReadCapacity port 0
125KERN: ahci: SectorSize 512, SectorCount 0x74706db0
126KERN: ahci: sg_memcpy phyAddr 0x12c4f260, size 8
127KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::ScsiReadCapacity port 0
128KERN: ahci: SectorSize 512, SectorCount 0x74706db0
129KERN: ahci: sg_memcpy phyAddr 0x12c4f290, size 8
130KERN: ahci: ahci_ioctl, cookie 0xffffffff8222b180
131KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::ScsiExecuteRequest port 0 unsupported request opcode 0x43
132KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::ScsiExecuteRequest port 0 unsupported request opcode 0x43
133KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::ScsiExecuteRequest port 0 unsupported request opcode 0x43
134KERN: ahci: AHCIPort::ScsiExecuteRequest port 0 unsupported request opcode 0x43