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git-bisect log

1git bisect start
2# bad: [b89cab561c7919769dd48b77b767c83cdf926a7c] Make the {memalign,free}_etc() available in the kernel emulation.
3git bisect bad b89cab561c7919769dd48b77b767c83cdf926a7c
4# bad: [c47ba6e8b5a67c72791eceb9c19dd7940fdb12b7] Fix a bug in OutlineListView::ItemUnderAt that made it pick totally wrong items when some things in the list were collapsed.
5git bisect bad c47ba6e8b5a67c72791eceb9c19dd7940fdb12b7
6# good: [f91292ca7cc40a443b361885bc4130fa5619a4b7] added recognition for GeForce 6100Go (id 0x0247). This hopefully fixes bug #4670.
7git bisect good f91292ca7cc40a443b361885bc4130fa5619a4b7
8# good: [7a53365c529885dde4fb5042aed0295529b59e4f] Added a lazy_recursive_lock implementation -- identical to recursive_lock, just using a lazy_mutex instead.
9git bisect good 7a53365c529885dde4fb5042aed0295529b59e4f
10# good: [1b3b63f367104e147cd7a284b079c9aa0db6753b] Esperanto localization by Travis D. Reed. Thanks !
11git bisect good 1b3b63f367104e147cd7a284b079c9aa0db6753b
12# bad: [65e9be044a224f25b402c03a8866698c657eae85] * Cleanup.
13git bisect bad 65e9be044a224f25b402c03a8866698c657eae85
14# good: [0ac5dad68dba8f2bf6c35d9faec6c2dc25b78f80] Added GetIterator() version that takes a key and returns an iterator to the respective element (if in the table).
15git bisect good 0ac5dad68dba8f2bf6c35d9faec6c2dc25b78f80
16# good: [d43a60c1f542e0b51c95237c0100997047fb06e2] Various cleanups: * Removed dead/obsolete Integrate Non-boot Desktops code. * Modified PoseView to ignore the fInvisible attribute of BPoseInfo for now. This has the net effect that the Desktop folder and /boot/var are no longer hidden from the user. To go with this change, Tracker no longer forcibly writes that hidden setting to those folders on access. This feature might be useful again in the future (especially in conjunction with relocating the Trash folder somewhere such as the disk root), but is currently somewhat problematic because those dual-booting with BeOS will still have a Tracker that force writes those attributes which would bring us back to square one with respect to showing the Desktop folder when we start respecting the attribute again. Suggestions welcome. Haiku-only users can remove the _trk/pinfo_le attribute on those folders to remove the invisibility in any case. * TrackerSettings: Removed obsolete desktop integration settings. Also modified TrackerSettings parser to skip unrecognized settings instead of aborting the settings file parsing process entirely.
17git bisect good d43a60c1f542e0b51c95237c0100997047fb06e2
18# bad: [65307eb4266138df607850be91c409ec95737464] - add a -n option to dev to bootstrap a new project, - allow using an already exported DEVROOT.
19git bisect bad 65307eb4266138df607850be91c409ec95737464
20# bad: [1f8cbdddeedbbb08de1ef747b11d0e3a3b39218d] Added TODOs.
21git bisect bad 1f8cbdddeedbbb08de1ef747b11d0e3a3b39218d
22# good: [02283432bc3bd69bbdb93d747e6a1e811fc41696] Patch by Humdinger: Changed strings to sentence case in the rest of the Tracker code. Remaining part of case-tracker.diff from #5169.
23git bisect good 02283432bc3bd69bbdb93d747e6a1e811fc41696
24# bad: [681da362b936fc29ba30e6c19e8f865a98028e92] Made the partition type of Solaris 10 partitions known. I am not quite sure if Solaris uses this type for boot partitions only.
25git bisect bad 681da362b936fc29ba30e6c19e8f865a98028e92
26# bad: [d72f520778e9a775194164b33a4c7a952be2143e] Applied patch by "Grey": Entering the boot loader menu has changed/simplified while reducing the boot time by .75 seconds. Now it is enough to hold one of shift/Esc/F8/F12/Space. Thanks!
27git bisect bad d72f520778e9a775194164b33a4c7a952be2143e
28# good: [0029edf7b77e537df88a9198e0d8560b57fdd95d] Patch by Humdinger: Updated Haiku apps to use sentence-case. What a huge undertaking... The files where I had to apply the patch manually (for mysterious reasons) have also gotten a whitespace cleanup. I've proof-read everything so hopefully there should be no problems.
29git bisect good 0029edf7b77e537df88a9198e0d8560b57fdd95d