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git-bisect log

1git bisect start
2# bad: [eb17650f154e12265123949f6fa04ae89ae9e3ef] * BPlusTree no longer caches the header in its own block, instead, it aggregates a copy of its structure. CachedNode is only used to write to the header, now. This should cause the block_cache to no longer have any referenced blocks outside of any I/O. * Coding style cleanup.
3git bisect bad eb17650f154e12265123949f6fa04ae89ae9e3ef
4# good: [1a014fb40c42d0ab0a713c738a32c53220043fb7] When counting new messages in the deskbar replicant, ignore messages that are in the Trash.
5git bisect good 1a014fb40c42d0ab0a713c738a32c53220043fb7
6# good: [ec08450d8ae4142006817c31e548cb6d26254da4] * Improved panic output I recently ran into.
7git bisect good ec08450d8ae4142006817c31e548cb6d26254da4
8# good: [b7c66687e97deb509a7bb3a1c780a96c542199ca] * Made some internal lists use DoublyLinkedLists instead of struct list. * Added a few KDL commands to improve your debugging experience.
9git bisect good b7c66687e97deb509a7bb3a1c780a96c542199ca
10# good: [d0f4f1786a87aad794d06c6b684ef0b66e85e735] * Removed ServerCursorReference in favour of BReference. * Simplified the Desktop::SetCursor() code a bit.
11git bisect good d0f4f1786a87aad794d06c6b684ef0b66e85e735
12# good: [2f972a00df915f365043bf9e6b69d4b056b94eeb] * Fixed race conditions in the server's bitmap/picture handling: the objects are now removed from the maps as soon as the client deletes them. This also makes the "client reference" mechanism superfluous I introduced earlier. * ServerApp::SetCurrentCursor() must always call Desktop::SetCursor(), since it is also called whenever the current application changes. This fixes the cursor almost never changing. * Renamed ServerPicture::Usurp()/StepDown() to PushPicture(), and PopPicture(). * Also, they now acquire a reference to the picture in question (ie. the picture you get from PopPicture() also owns a reference you need to free). * ServerApp::CreatePicture() may fail, too. This case is now handled in the code that calls it. * Previously, the ServerWindow tried to process up to 70 messages in one go. That obviously caused bug #4709. Now, we have the additional requirement to not hold the desktop lock for longer than 25 ms. I haven't tested it with Kaleidoscope yet, though.
13git bisect good 2f972a00df915f365043bf9e6b69d4b056b94eeb