Ticket #9288: LG_Syslog_tail2_new_written.txt

File LG_Syslog_tail2_new_written.txt, 3.6 KB (added by Morbid, 6 years ago)
2Welcome to the Haiku shell.
4~> tail -f /var/log/syslog
5KERN: HDA: sample size 4, num channels 2, buffer length 6144
6KERN: IRA: hda_stream_setup_buffers: setup stream 2: SR=96000, SF=20 F=0x821 (0x40)
7KERN: hda_stream_setup_buffers(Recording): Allocated 98304 bytes for 2 buffers
8KERN: hda_stream_setup_buffers(Recording): Allocated 4096 bytes for 2 BDLEs
9KERN: hda: stream: 2 fifo size: 128 num_io_widgets: 1
10KERN: hda: widgets: KERN: 8
11KERN: hda_stream_start() offset 80
12KERN: hda_stream_start() offset 0
13KERN: cx23882: init_hardware()
14KERN: Media removed from /dev/disk/atapi/1/master/raw
15KERN: Media changed from /dev/disk/atapi/1/master/raw
16KERN: KDiskDeviceManager::_ScanPartition(/dev/disk/atapi/1/master/raw)
17KERN: intel: ep_std_ops(0x1)
18KERN: trying: partitioning_systems/intel/extended/v1
19KERN: returned: -1
20KERN: intel: ep_std_ops(0x2)
21KERN: trying: partitioning_systems/intel/map/v1
22KERN: intel: pm_identify_partition(47, 2: 0, 591233024, 2048)
23KERN: returned: -1
24KERN: trying: partitioning_systems/efi_gpt/v1
25KERN: returned: -1
26KERN: trying: file_systems/bfs/v1
27KERN: returned: -1
28KERN: trying: file_systems/devfs/v1
29KERN: returned: -1
30KERN: trying: file_systems/packagefs/v1
31KERN: returned: -1
32KERN: trying: file_systems/rootfs/v1
33KERN: returned: -1
34KERN: trying: partitioning_systems/session/v1
35KERN: raw_command:
36KERN: returned: 0.1
37KERN: trying: partitioning_systems/amiga_rdb/v1
38KERN: returned: -1
39KERN: trying: partitioning_systems/apple/v1
40KERN: returned: -1
41KERN: googlefs: std_ops(INIT)
42KERN: trying: file_systems/googlefs/v1
43KERN: returned: -1
44KERN: googlefs: std_ops(UNINIT)
45KERN: trying: file_systems/bindfs/v1
46KERN: returned: -1
47KERN: trying: file_systems/write_overlay/v1
48KERN: returned: -1
49KERN: trying: file_systems/attribute_overlay/v1
50KERN: returned: -1
51KERN: trying: file_systems/udf/v1
52KERN: udf_recognize: Invalid sequence. status = -1
53KERN: returned: -1
54KERN: trying: file_systems/reiserfs/v1
55KERN: returned: -1
56KERN: trying: file_systems/ext2/v1
57KERN: ext2: invalid superblock!
58KERN: returned: -1
59KERN: trying: file_systems/btrfs/v1
60KERN: btrfs: invalid superblock!
61KERN: returned: -1
62KERN: trying: file_systems/cdda/v1
63KERN: raw_command:
64KERN: 01. 00:02.00 (length 64:09.13)
65KERN: returned: -2147483648
66KERN: trying: file_systems/exfat/v1
67KERN: exfat: invalid superblock!
68KERN: returned: -1
69KERN: trying: file_systems/nfs4/v1
70KERN: returned: -1
71KERN: trying: file_systems/nfs/v1
72KERN: returned: -1
73KERN: trying: file_systems/ntfs/v1
74KERN: fs_identify_partition: boot signature NTFS doesn't match
75KERN: returned: -1
76KERN: trying: file_systems/iso9660/v1
77KERN: identify(47, 0xe13f6d70)
78KERN: found primary descriptor
79KERN: iso9660_primary_descriptor:
80KERN: volume descriptor type: 1 (primary)
81KERN: standard identifier: CD001 (valid)
82KERN: version: 1
83KERN: identifier: 'NEU '
84KERN: size: 288688
85KERN: set size: 1
86KERN: sequence number: 1
87KERN: logical block size: 2048
88KERN: path table size: 26
89KERN: set identifier:
90KERN: root directory record:
91KERN: length: 34
92KERN: location: 19
93KERN: data length: 2048
94KERN: volume space: 1
95KERN: iso9660_info::set_string(0xe13f6d70 ('<NULL>'), 'NEU ', 3)
96KERN: returned: 0.6
97KERN: trying: file_systems/fat/v1
98KERN: returned: -1
99KERN: scanning with: file_systems/iso9660/v1