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2Welcome to the Haiku shell.
4~/Desktop> tail -f /system/var/log/syslog
5DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
6DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
7DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
8DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
9DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
10DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
11DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
12DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
13DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
14DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
15DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
16DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
17DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
18DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
19DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
20DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
21DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
22DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
23DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
24DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
25DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
26DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
27DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
28DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
29DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
30DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
31DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
32KERN: wlan_close(0x82ef2400)
33KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 16
34KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 17
35KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 26
36KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 98
37KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 20
38KERN: Last message repeated 3 times.
39KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 25
40KERN: ifmedia_ioctl: switching wlan to Type: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet
41KERN: Mode: autoselect
42KERN: SubType: autoselect
43KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 16
44KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 17
45KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 26
46KERN: wlan_open(0x82ef2400)
47KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_init
48KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] start running, 0 vaps running
49KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_start_locked: up parent iwn
50KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] start running, 1 vaps running
51KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 103
52KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] start running, 1 vaps running
53DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
54DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
55DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
56DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
57KERN: ifmedia_ioctl: switching wlan to Type: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet
58KERN: Mode: autoselect
59KERN: SubType: autoselect
60KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 16
61KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 17
62KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 26
63KERN: wlan_open(0x82ef2400)
64KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_init
65KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] start running, 1 vaps running
66Last message repeated 1 time
67KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 103
68KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_new_state_locked: INIT -> SCAN (nrunning 0 nscanning 0)
69KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_newstate_cb: INIT -> SCAN arg 0
70KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] sta_newstate: INIT -> SCAN (0)
71DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
72DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
73DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
74KERN: /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: media change, media 0x100a0 quality 1000 speed 1000000000
75DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
76DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
77DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
78DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
79DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
80DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
81DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
82DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
83DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
84DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
85KERN: ieee80211_notify_scan_done
86KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 76
87KERN: ifmedia_ioctl: switching wlan to Type: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet
88KERN: Mode: autoselect
89KERN: SubType: autoselect
90KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 18
91KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 7
92KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 95
93KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 17
94KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 26
95KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 21
96KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] [24:65:11:6c:d3:cc] station assoc via MLME
97KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_alloc_node 0xd585e000<24:65:11:6c:d3:cc> in station table
98KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] [24:65:11:6c:d3:cc] ieee80211_alloc_node: inact_reload 2
99KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] [24:65:11:6c:d3:cc] AMRR initial rate 0
100KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] [24:65:11:6c:d3:cc] AMRR initial rate 72
101KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] set WME_AC_BE (chan) [acm 0 aifsn 3 logcwmin 4 logcwmax 10 txop 0]
102KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] set WME_AC_BE (bss ) [acm 0 aifsn 3 logcwmin 4 logcwmax 10 txop 0]
103KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] set WME_AC_BK (chan) [acm 0 aifsn 7 logcwmin 4 logcwmax 10 txop 0]
104KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] set WME_AC_BK (bss ) [acm 0 aifsn 7 logcwmin 4 logcwmax 10 txop 0]
105KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] set WME_AC_VI (chan) [acm 0 aifsn 2 logcwmin 3 logcwmax 4 txop 94]
106KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] set WME_AC_VI (bss ) [acm 0 aifsn 2 logcwmin 3 logcwmax 4 txop 94]
107KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] set WME_AC_VO (chan) [acm 0 aifsn 2 logcwmin 2 logcwmax 3 txop 47]
108KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] set WME_AC_VO (bss ) [acm 0 aifsn 2 logcwmin 2 logcwmax 3 txop 47]
109KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] update WME_AC_BE (chan+bss) [acm 0 aifsn 2 logcwmin 4 logcwmax 10 txop 0]
110KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_wme_updateparams_locked: WME params updated, cap_info 0x0
111KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_new_state_locked: SCAN -> AUTH (nrunning 0 nscanning 0)
112KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_newstate_cb: SCAN -> AUTH arg 192
113KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] sta_newstate: SCAN -> AUTH (192)
114KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_ref_node (ieee80211_send_mgmt:1892) 0xd585e000<24:65:11:6c:d3:cc> refcnt 3
115KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] [24:65:11:6c:d3:cc] recv auth frame with algorithm 0 seq 2
116KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_new_state_locked: AUTH -> ASSOC (nrunning 0 nscanning 0)
117KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_newstate_cb: AUTH -> ASSOC arg 0
118KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] sta_newstate: AUTH -> ASSOC (0)
119KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_ref_node (ieee80211_send_mgmt:1892) 0xd585e000<24:65:11:6c:d3:cc> refcnt 3
120KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_wme_updateparams_locked: WME params updated, cap_info 0x0
121KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] [24:65:11:6c:d3:cc] assoc success at aid 2: short preamble, short slot time, QoS
122KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_new_state_locked: ASSOC -> RUN (nrunning 0 nscanning 0)
123KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] ieee80211_newstate_cb: ASSOC -> RUN arg 16
124KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] sta_newstate: ASSOC -> RUN (16)
125KERN: ieee80211_notify_node_join
126KERN: /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: media change, media 0x8300af quality 1000 speed 10000000
127KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] [24:65:11:6c:d3:cc] ieee80211_node_authorize: inact_reload 20
128KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 15
129DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
130DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
131DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
132DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
133KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 1
134KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 15
135KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 19
136DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST to
137KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 19
138KERN: ieee80211_notify_replay_failure not implemented, yet.
139DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Received DHCP_NACK from
140DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_DISCOVER to
141DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Received DHCP_OFFER from
142DAEMON 'DHCP': your_address:
143DAEMON 'DHCP': server:
144DAEMON 'DHCP': lease time: 864000 seconds
145DAEMON 'DHCP': renewal time: 432000 seconds
146DAEMON 'DHCP': rebinding time: 756000 seconds
147DAEMON 'DHCP': subnet:
148DAEMON 'DHCP': gateway:
149DAEMON 'DHCP': nameserver[0]:
150DAEMON 'DHCP': domain name: "fritz.box"
151DAEMON 'DHCP': broadcast:
152DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST for to
153DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Received DHCP_ACK from
154DAEMON 'DHCP': server:
155DAEMON 'DHCP': lease time: 864000 seconds
156DAEMON 'DHCP': renewal time: 432000 seconds
157DAEMON 'DHCP': rebinding time: 756000 seconds
158DAEMON 'DHCP': subnet:
159DAEMON 'DHCP': gateway:
160DAEMON 'DHCP': nameserver[0]:
161DAEMON 'DHCP': domain name: "fritz.box"
162DAEMON 'DHCP': broadcast:
163DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: DHCP status = No error
164DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST for to
165DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Received DHCP_ACK from
166DAEMON 'DHCP': server:
167DAEMON 'DHCP': lease time: 864000 seconds
168DAEMON 'DHCP': renewal time: 432000 seconds
169DAEMON 'DHCP': rebinding time: 756000 seconds
170DAEMON 'DHCP': subnet:
171DAEMON 'DHCP': gateway:
172DAEMON 'DHCP': nameserver[0]:
173DAEMON 'DHCP': domain name: "fritz.box"
174DAEMON 'DHCP': broadcast:
175DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: DHCP status = No error
176DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST for to
177DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Received DHCP_ACK from
178DAEMON 'DHCP': server:
179DAEMON 'DHCP': lease time: 864000 seconds
180DAEMON 'DHCP': renewal time: 432000 seconds
181DAEMON 'DHCP': rebinding time: 756000 seconds
182DAEMON 'DHCP': subnet:
183DAEMON 'DHCP': gateway:
184DAEMON 'DHCP': nameserver[0]:
185DAEMON 'DHCP': domain name: "fritz.box"
186DAEMON 'DHCP': broadcast:
187DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: DHCP status = No error
188DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST for to
189DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Received DHCP_ACK from
190DAEMON 'DHCP': server:
191DAEMON 'DHCP': lease time: 864000 seconds
192DAEMON 'DHCP': renewal time: 432000 seconds
193DAEMON 'DHCP': rebinding time: 756000 seconds
194DAEMON 'DHCP': subnet:
195DAEMON 'DHCP': gateway:
196DAEMON 'DHCP': nameserver[0]:
197DAEMON 'DHCP': domain name: "fritz.box"
198DAEMON 'DHCP': broadcast:
199DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: DHCP status = No error
200DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST for to
201DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Received DHCP_ACK from
202DAEMON 'DHCP': server:
203DAEMON 'DHCP': lease time: 864000 seconds
204DAEMON 'DHCP': renewal time: 432000 seconds
205DAEMON 'DHCP': rebinding time: 756000 seconds
206DAEMON 'DHCP': subnet:
207DAEMON 'DHCP': gateway:
208DAEMON 'DHCP': nameserver[0]:
209DAEMON 'DHCP': domain name: "fritz.box"
210DAEMON 'DHCP': broadcast:
211DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: DHCP status = No error
212DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST for to
213KERN: [net/iprowifi4965/0] [24:65:11:6c:d3:cc] AMRR increasing rate 96 (txcnt=11 retrycnt=0)
214DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Received DHCP_ACK from
215DAEMON 'DHCP': server:
216DAEMON 'DHCP': lease time: 864000 seconds
217DAEMON 'DHCP': renewal time: 432000 seconds
218DAEMON 'DHCP': rebinding time: 756000 seconds
219DAEMON 'DHCP': subnet:
220DAEMON 'DHCP': gateway:
221DAEMON 'DHCP': nameserver[0]:
222DAEMON 'DHCP': domain name: "fritz.box"
223DAEMON 'DHCP': broadcast:
224DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: DHCP status = No error
225DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Send DHCP_REQUEST for to
226DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: Received DHCP_ACK from
227DAEMON 'DHCP': server:
228DAEMON 'DHCP': lease time: 864000 seconds
229DAEMON 'DHCP': renewal time: 432000 seconds
230DAEMON 'DHCP': rebinding time: 756000 seconds
231DAEMON 'DHCP': subnet:
232DAEMON 'DHCP': gateway:
233DAEMON 'DHCP': nameserver[0]:
234DAEMON 'DHCP': domain name: "fritz.box"
235DAEMON 'DHCP': broadcast:
236DAEMON 'DHCP': /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: DHCP status = No error
237KERN: /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: media change, media 0x8300b0 quality 1000 speed 1000000000