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#259 Plain font and menu - General axeld bug normal
#260 Plain font and Tab size - General axeld bug normal
#261 BTextControl repainting - General jackburton bug normal
#267 HWInterface::_DrawCursor opens gdb - General axeld bug blocker
#268 Transparent support broken for B_CMAP8 - General mmlr bug normal
#269 Dragging a Tracker icon deadlocks app_server - General mmlr bug blocker
#270 Dragging a Tracker icon deadlocks app_server - General axeld bug blocker
#271 drag & drop is broken, can crash or deadlock app_server - General mmlr bug blocker
#272 Mouse cursor can reach screen top - General korli bug normal
#275 [Scummvm] cursor drawn after SDL_ShowCursor( false ) is called - General axeld bug normal
#276 [FileTypes] crash in menu - General jackburton bug normal
#277 [BPopupMenu] Separator - General axeld bug normal
#279 [FileTypes] and TreeView - General axeld bug normal
#281 [Clock] loses focus - General axeld bug normal
#282 [Interface kit] BScrollBar arrow disappearing - General axeld bug normal
#285 BeIDE requires mstats - General axeld bug normal
#287 [Opera] program crash on startup - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#290 Vision fails to load - General axeld bug normal
#292 [Deskbar] team menu - General jackburton bug normal
#293 dropdown arrow in menus should be clickable - General stippi bug normal
#295 New BMessage issues - General mmlr bug critical
#297 Cortex is drawn in incorrect colors (we like it green) - General axeld bug normal
#299 ps/2 mouse and AT keyboard always don't work - General korli bug critical
#300 BChannelSlider broken - General jackburton bug high
#301 BScrollBar::SetRange crash - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#303 Haikus boundingboxes seemes to be broken (when you rotate fonts) - General mmlr bug normal
#304 [Cortex] Child windows dont "follow" the main window around on the screen - General axeld bug normal
#306 Crash in BPrivate::BTokenSpace::RemoveToken() - General axeld bug blocker
#310 Quake2 crashes if media_server is running - General marcusoverhagen bug normal
#311 View.cpp still includes ColorUtils.h - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#312 Quake2 has awfully dodgy mouse input - General korli bug normal
#313 BeIDE, and problems with its status bar - General axeld bug normal
#314 BeIDE crashes due to bugs in BMessage - General mmlr bug normal
#316 Please enhance the B_MOUSE_UP message with button states. - General axeld enhancement normal
#317 Workspaces let you move Workspaces window - General axeld bug low
#322 window tab buttons - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#324 media_server fails to start media_addon_server - General bonefish bug normal
#325 QEmu fails to load - General axeld bug low
#334 [ShowImage] crash while dragging selected part of image - General mmlr bug normal
#337 TabView labels not centered. (easy) - General stippi bug low
#338 sound output is muted in Media preferences - General marcusoverhagen bug normal
#339 playsound audio playback is stuttering - General bug normal R1/alpha1
#341 Scrolling in all workspaces - General axeld bug high
#342 cursor doesn't change on workspace switch - General axeld bug normal
#343 [Menu] do nothing atm - General jackburton bug normal
#345 Some menus are broken - General jackburton bug normal
#346 Some menus are broken - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#352 menu item label drawn too high - General jackburton bug normal
#362 [Deskbar] too light text color in Confugure Be Menu window - General jackburton bug normal
#363 People files have different transparency(?) to regular files - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#364 Font glyphs are sometimes irregular sizes - General axeld bug normal
#366 Bshelf crashes Deskbar with Canna inputmethod - General darkwyrm bug normal
#367 Input Server error on ibm pc300gl 6282-690 - General korli bug normal
#371 In MenuItem, the bgolor of MarkSymbol and SubmenuSymbol. - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#373 incorrect repainting of background color when switching workspaces. - General axeld bug low
#374 screenshots have wrong filetype. - General axeld bug low
#375 [ FileType add-on ] '/' and other characters cannot be entered - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#376 Locks up during boot. - General axeld bug normal
#380 [3dmiX] crash on fountain star - General axeld bug normal R1/pre-alpha1
#383 [E-mail] View method requires owner and doesn't have one - General jackburton bug normal
#387 FontDemo have some font issues - General axeld bug normal
#390 Kernel crash when rebooting if Terminal is open - General axeld bug normal
#392 Single and double quotation marks must be typed twice - General korli bug normal
#394 Icons can "stick" to the mouse cursor - General mmlr bug normal
#396 BSlider crash without window - General axeld bug normal
#399 must hold mousebutton(s) down to keep open menu's/deskbar/stylededit - General axeld bug low
#402 Mouse acceleration is missing - General axeld bug low
#403 A few missing symbols - General axeld enhancement normal
#404 [Mouse Cursor] has a translucent square behind it... - General marcusoverhagen bug normal
#405 [syslog_daemon] wrong supported types - General axeld bug normal
#406 [DiskProbe] menus don't work - General jackburton bug normal
#408 [FileTypes] BListView/BOutlineListView bug - General axeld bug normal
#409 Hotkeys sometimes stop working - General axeld bug normal
#410 [FileTypes] BListView update several times - General axeld bug normal
#411 Alert window buttons should be navigatable with tab button - General axeld bug normal
#414 window content redraw - General axeld bug normal
#416 default button in modal window don't always work - General axeld bug normal
#419 [PackageBuilder] Segment violation - General axeld bug normal
#420 [ButterFly] Segment violation - General axeld bug normal
#421 [BeIDE] Segment violation - General axeld bug normal
#425 [3dmov] Segment violation - General axeld bug normal
#428 Firefox crashing on load - General axeld bug normal
#430 Chart DirectWindow; dots 'eats away' mouse cursor image - General axeld bug low
#435 [Workspaces] isn't topmost - General axeld bug normal
#436 [Opera] program crash with BWindow::MoveTo() - General axeld bug normal
#437 [BeShare] Error, couldn't create connect thread! - General phoudoin bug normal
#438 Team Monitor doesn't monitor tracker/deskbar - General korli bug normal
#439 Can't close windows if team monitor ontop - General axeld bug normal
#441 [Pe] getNumAvailable() == 0 - General axeld bug normal
#442 [app_server] crashes on Globe launch - General axeld bug normal
#446 [Cortex] fails to load - General marcusoverhagen bug normal
#448 [DataTranslations] crashes on translator selection - General axeld bug normal
#451 Changing plain font size in Fonts also change it for menus - General axeld bug normal
#452 [ColdCut] uses 100% cpu if you open about window - General stippi bug normal
#453 Screensavers dont hide Deskbar when it has "always ontop" set - General axeld bug normal
#456 Print screen doesnt work as expected when screensaver is running - General axeld enhancement normal
#459 [Tracker] doesnt remember background colour between reboots - General korli bug normal
#460 [FontInspector] Scrollbar doesnt update when scrolled - General axeld bug normal
#461 Submenu not closed when grandparent selected - General jackburton bug normal
#464 [Mouse] Double-click test area - General jackburton bug normal
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