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#30 Reproducable crash after running ifconfig. - General phoudoin bug blocker
#43 BFile missing close_fd() - General bonefish bug low
#52 socketpair missing in network libraries and <sys/socket.h> - General phoudoin bug normal
#55 isn't working - General phoudoin bug high
#59 user debugger window bad behaviors - General bonefish bug normal
#60 ping blocks after one packet sent/received - General phoudoin bug normal
#69 BTranslationUtils::GetBitmap returns NULL - General marcusoverhagen bug normal
#70 Loading resources broken - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#72 BMessage doesn't flatten the fCurSpecifier field - General axeld bug normal
#74 Clock application can't find its executable with FindApp() - General bonefish bug normal
#75 After math function cleanup, hypot() is missing - General bonefish bug normal
#81 Build problem - code error? - General axeld bug normal
#85 Popup menu problems (Backgrounds pref app) - General jackburton bug normal
#86 Pop menu can pop up out of the screen - General jackburton bug normal
#87 Disabled menus cause excessive CPU cycles. - General jackburton bug high
#88 Time crashes on exit - General axeld bug normal
#90 Dragging the deskbar around crashes the app_server - General axeld bug high
#91 Tracker+haiku drawing bug - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#92 BPartition::Mount() doesn't update object mount state - General bonefish bug normal
#97 BEntry::Remove() doesn't handle directory entries - General axeld bug normal
#98 ListView behaves weirdly inside a tabview - General stippi bug normal
#99 Chart/BDirectWindow ignore workspace change - General jackburton bug normal
#102 AS_LAYER_CURSOR not implemented in ServerWIndow - General axeld bug normal
#107 No events sent to checkboxes in Installer package list - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#108 BMenus crashing - General jackburton bug normal
#109 Resize/Restore button draws over mouse - General stippi bug normal
#111 Invalidation problems in 32bit mode wrt BDirectWindow - General stippi bug high
#114 BScreen should not crash when there is no BApplication - General axeld bug normal
#115 problem with ping - General phoudoin bug blocker
#116 B_DRAW_ON_CHILDREN view flag doesn't work - General stippi bug normal
#119 cancelled shutdown process prevents launching apps - General bonefish bug normal
#120 dstLen is not set with utf8_conversions.cpp - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#124 CLAmp window disappears on screenshot - General marcusoverhagen bug normal
#128 Overlapping SetFocus() - General axeld bug normal
#129 Switch of input_method - General korli bug normal
#135 Workspaces don't let you to move windows - General axeld bug normal
#141 BottomlineWindow - General korli bug normal
#145 The judgment of "be:confirmed" is too early. - General jackburton bug normal
#146 Screen isn't updated - General axeld bug normal
#147 Wrongly enabled buttons in Background preflet - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#148 Text cursor drawing bug at TextControl - General bpmagic@… bug low
#149 input_server doesn't properly set typemativ repeat and delay - General marcusoverhagen bug normal
#150 keyboard driver is opened twice - General korli bug normal
#153 Missing libs ? - General axeld bug high
#155 keyboard doesn't always work - General korli bug critical
#157 VLC fails to start - unable to resolve symbol "asin" - General axeld bug normal
#159 Tracker's Navigator bar doesn't work - General axeld bug normal
#161 BTextControl bug - General jackburton bug normal
#166 app_server crash after several minutes of incativites - General axeld bug critical
#170 About Haiku doesn't work in Deskbar - General bonefish bug normal
#174 BRoster::FindApp() changes MIME type - General bonefish bug normal
#177 input_server must be notified about shutdown - General bonefish bug normal
#179 input server should save settings more often - General korli bug high
#180 input server is never shut down - General korli bug high
#181 Menu windows steal the focus and never give it back - General axeld bug normal
#182 CL-Amp started crashing - General axeld bug normal
#193 disabled BSlider invalidation problems - General axeld bug normal
#197 Magnify doesn't work - General sikosis bug normal
#198 Close and zoom tab buttons have different colors - General axeld enhancement normal
#200 ColorControl is squeezed in Tracker - General axeld bug normal
#204 Workspaces could crash app_server - General axeld bug high
#205 Selected items in Tracker have wrong icon color - General axeld bug normal
#206 [Tracker] Open with... - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#212 General font insensitivness! - General axeld bug normal
#213 Missing simbols in SoundPlay and Diskprobe(R5) - General axeld bug critical
#218 haiku crash - General axeld bug high
#220 Haiku hangs when dragging files to Zip-O-Matic - General axeld bug high
#221 Selecting items in Filetypes app crashes BListItem - General axeld bug normal
#222 [Deskbar] Hide Time - General axeld bug normal
#224 Generic icon bug - General axeld bug normal
#225 Tracker Status - General axeld bug normal
#226 app_server locks up after several minutes - General axeld bug blocker
#228 Double clicking tab doesn't hide window to deskbar - General axeld bug normal
#229 focus lost - General axeld bug normal
#230 Missing "sticky" mode in menus - General jackburton bug high
#231 Dragging an item crashes app_server - General mmlr bug blocker
#232 StyledEdit Save Panel Bug - General jackburton bug normal
#235 Dragging an item deadlock app_server - General mmlr bug blocker
#240 Shutting down doesn't work when an application hangs - General bonefish bug normal
#245 BTextControl and ibeam - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#246 modal windows and and ibeam - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#247 Incorrect mime type for mpeg audio - General bonefish bug low
#249 BTextView and tab - General jackburton bug normal
#250 [StyledEdit] can't open files - General bonefish bug normal
#252 [Deskbar] crash on shutdown - General jackburton bug normal
#255 Fonts doesn't save on reboot - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#258 People crash - General bpmagic@… bug normal
#259 Plain font and menu - General axeld bug normal
#260 Plain font and Tab size - General axeld bug normal
#261 BTextControl repainting - General jackburton bug normal
#267 HWInterface::_DrawCursor opens gdb - General axeld bug blocker
#268 Transparent support broken for B_CMAP8 - General mmlr bug normal
#269 Dragging a Tracker icon deadlocks app_server - General mmlr bug blocker
#270 Dragging a Tracker icon deadlocks app_server - General axeld bug blocker
#271 drag & drop is broken, can crash or deadlock app_server - General mmlr bug blocker
#272 Mouse cursor can reach screen top - General korli bug normal
#275 [Scummvm] cursor drawn after SDL_ShowCursor( false ) is called - General axeld bug normal
#276 [FileTypes] crash in menu - General jackburton bug normal
#277 [BPopupMenu] Separator - General axeld bug normal
#279 [FileTypes] and TreeView - General axeld bug normal
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