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#5262 PANIC: vnode 3:7895866 already exists (node = 0xe0044000, vnode->node = 0xe008bbf4)! File Systems/BFS axeld bug critical R1/Development
#9858 Ripping CDs -> page fault panic File Systems/cdda nobody bug high R1/Development
#4974 Tracker cant see all files / folders on NTFS partitions File Systems/NTFS 3dEyes bug normal R1/Development
#10443 Kernel Panic after installing from flash drive File Systems/BFS axeld bug normal R1/Development
#10864 [bfs] always panics, removing "syslog.old" (can't boot up any more) File Systems/BFS axeld bug normal R1/Development
#11096 [Blacklisting] targets all packages, not just the one specified File Systems/packagefs bonefish bug normal R1/Development
#12168 selfmade hpkg does not install link to non-package menu folder File Systems/packagefs stippi bug normal R1/Development
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