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#12610 Most BeOS translators crash the DataTranslators window Preferences/DataTranslations axeld bug blocker R1/Development
#6194 lack of Chinese fonts Preferences/Locale pulkomandy bug high R1/Development
#11496 Network preflet doesn't save preferences Preferences/Network axeld bug high R1/Development
#2412 [Time] Integrate NTP client Preferences/Time & Date leavengood enhancement normal R1/Development
#5588 [Sounds] zoom button should resize to fit (easy) Preferences/Sounds waddlesplash bug normal R1/Development
#10897 Shortcuts (spicy keys) seems completely broken in PM versions Preferences/Shortcuts jscipione bug normal R1/Development
#11414 IPv6 KDL in Network Preflet Preferences/Network axeld bug normal R1/Development
#12195 [Network] silently quits upon selecting DNS settings Preferences/Network pulkomandy bug normal R1/Development
#9136 'Choose swap size automatically' also means swap on boot volume Preferences/VirtualMemory kallisti5 enhancement low R1/Development
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