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#11174 Processor - idle missing System/Kernel pdziepak bug blocker R1/Development
#14121 Advisory locking leaked System/Kernel nobody bug blocker R1/Development
#8684 Unhandled page fault panic at boot with rtl81xx driver System/Kernel mmlr bug critical R1/Development
#11124 switch to 64-bit time_t on x86_64 System/POSIX nobody bug critical R1/Development
#14512 [kernel] KDL building perl5 with latest haikuporter System/Kernel waddlesplash bug critical R1/Development
#5 PCI bus_manager does not assign IRQs System/Kernel mmlr bug high R1/Development
#4157 File Descriptor Disconnect Handling Broken System/Kernel axeld bug high R1/Development
#8345 PANIC: ASSERT FAILED ... x86/paging/pae/x86VMTranslationMapPAE.cpp:231 System/Kernel bonefish bug high R1/Development
#8827 DriveSetup allows corruption of mounted filesystems System/Kernel waddlesplash bug high R1/Development
#10415 System freeze when using showimage on NTFS drive with lots of jpeg files System/Kernel nobody bug high R1/Development
#10880 haiku_loader can hang for minutes when one or more BIOS reported drives are unreadable System/Boot Loader pdziepak bug high R1/Development
#11084 small little os freeze with intel haswell core i3-4330 cpu System/Kernel axeld bug high R1/alpha4.1
#12306 Haiku intermittently won't shutdown System nobody bug high R1/Development
#12390 "cmp" mistakes /dev/stdout for /dev/null System/ pulkomandy bug high R1/Development
#5123 Kernel crash by Power off printer System/Kernel axeld bug normal R1/Development
#5737 Installer does not enable virtual memory by default? System/Kernel kallisti5 bug normal R1/Development
#5815 KDL at boot System/Kernel axeld bug normal R1/Development
#5866 "multi_audio audio output" thread hogging cpu usage, keyboard and touchpad don't work System/Kernel axeld bug normal R1/Development
#6210 [PATCH] Replace ppc kernel linker workaround System/Kernel kallisti5 enhancement normal R1/Development
#7007 Implement missing <math.h> functions System/POSIX nobody bug normal R1/Development
#8275 Deadlocking apps when opening documents System/runtime_loader leavengood bug normal R1/Development
#10494 [packagefs] page fault during mount System/Kernel anevilyak bug normal R1/Development
#10905 Possible typo in posix/search.h System/POSIX korli bug normal R1/Development
#11182 pthread double free when run through System/POSIX nobody bug normal R1/Development
#11618 [libroot] readdir crashes System/POSIX nobody bug normal R1/Development
#12377 PANIC: calculated irq routing doesn't match bios for PCI 24:0:0 System/Kernel tqh bug normal R1/Development
#12633 Kernel fails to load on OptiPlex 960 System/Kernel axeld bug normal R1/Development
#13733 Password unset after reboot System/ nobody bug normal R1/Development
#14119 KDL while running Mesa 17.x On-Disk Shader Cache test System/Kernel nobody bug normal R1/Development
#10341 Fix Coverity bug 605892: Resource leak System/Kernel kallisti5 bug low R1/Development
#11719 [PATCH] data/bin/welcome: update #! line to reference sh and not bash. System nobody enhancement low R1/Development
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