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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#57 No terminal output after a redirect axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#58 PANIC: vnode 4:327684 already exists axeld bug high System/Kernel
#62 missing isprint() in axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#63 missing rand48() family in axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#64 Qemu with kqemu axeld bug low System/Kernel
#66 syslog() should replace %m occurrences in msg with strerror(errno) axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#67 missing statvfs and fstatvfs in axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#72 BMessage doesn't flatten the fCurSpecifier field axeld bug normal - General
#77 unhandled page fault while trying to sync axeld bug blocker System/Kernel
#78 another cache bug, maybe same as 77 axeld bug blocker System/Kernel
#79 Unable to boot HD image: bfs_access:1329: Operation not allowed axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#80 Terminal hangs on large console output axeld bug high Applications
#81 Build problem - code error? axeld bug normal - General
#82 Icons of Tracker get corrupted, when i write some data axeld bug high System/Kernel
#88 Time crashes on exit axeld bug normal - General
#90 Dragging the deskbar around crashes the app_server axeld bug high - General
#93 Refreshing tracker problem axeld bug normal Applications
#97 BEntry::Remove() doesn't handle directory entries axeld bug normal - General
#102 AS_LAYER_CURSOR not implemented in ServerWIndow axeld bug normal - General
#103 sync is taking too much time axeld bug high System/Kernel
#104 sync is taking too much time axeld bug high System/Kernel
#106 BFS error when installing several times with Installer axeld bug high System/Kernel
#110 StyledEdit doesn't save a file successfully on Haiku axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#114 BScreen should not crash when there is no BApplication axeld bug normal - General
#122 After restart Screen prefs show wrong refrashrate. axeld bug normal Preferences
#128 Overlapping SetFocus() axeld bug normal - General
#132 Tracker hangs on Mount menu axeld bug normal Applications
#133 Deskbar show hidden window axeld bug normal Applications
#135 Workspaces don't let you to move windows axeld bug normal - General
#136 Permission's tab crash Tracker axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#138 Editing querys is crashing the Tracker axeld bug normal Applications
#146 Screen isn't updated axeld bug normal - General
#151 compiling libroot with DEBUG=1 failes axeld bug blocker System/Kernel
#153 Missing libs ? axeld bug high - General
#154 Please add B_AVOID_FOCUS to TBarWindow. axeld bug normal Applications
#156 syslog is corrupted axeld bug high System/Kernel R1/pre-alpha1
#157 VLC fails to start - unable to resolve symbol "asin" axeld bug normal - General
#158 [Tracker] doesn't show up/down arrows axeld bug normal Servers/app_server
#159 Tracker's Navigator bar doesn't work axeld bug normal - General
#163 Attributes ColumnListView bug axeld bug normal Applications
#165 Terminal couldn't read it settings axeld bug normal Applications
#166 app_server crash after several minutes of incativites axeld bug critical - General
#168 Corrupted icons and shutdown hang axeld bug high Applications
#171 [kernel] PANIC: double fault! axeld bug blocker System/Kernel
#172 app_server crash axeld bug blocker Servers/app_server
#173 Alt+q crash axeld bug normal Applications
#175 Shift misfunction axeld bug normal Applications
#178 input_server should be restarted automatically axeld bug normal Servers/app_server
#181 Menu windows steal the focus and never give it back axeld bug normal - General
#182 CL-Amp started crashing axeld bug normal - General
#183 Draging desktop items crashes Tracker axeld bug normal Applications
#184 Columnlist resize crash axeld bug normal Applications
#185 Deskbar_security_code axeld bug normal Applications
#186 Tracker's Info window issues axeld bug normal Applications
#187 Rename bugs. axeld bug normal Applications
#189 KDL shoudn't print "unknown command..." if return pressed axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#191 [Tracker] Mount menu is empty axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker
#192 Bootloader shows duplicate video modes axeld bug low System/Kernel
#193 disabled BSlider invalidation problems axeld bug normal - General
#196 Pulse preferences isn't font sensetive axeld bug normal Applications
#198 Close and zoom tab buttons have different colors axeld enhancement normal - General
#200 ColorControl is squeezed in Tracker axeld bug normal - General
#202 PANIC: get_physical_page_tmap failed axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#203 Disk Mount Settings isn't font sensetive axeld bug normal Applications
#204 Workspaces could crash app_server axeld bug high - General
#205 Selected items in Tracker have wrong icon color axeld bug normal - General
#208 FileTypes tracker add-on axeld bug normal Applications
#209 [Deskbar] separated menus axeld bug normal Applications
#210 PANIC: page fault... axeld bug high System/Kernel
#211 [app_server] crash in WindowList::RemoveWindow() axeld bug blocker Servers/app_server
#212 General font insensitivness! axeld bug normal - General
#213 Missing simbols in SoundPlay and Diskprobe(R5) axeld bug critical - General
#214 A couple of translator bugs axeld enhancement normal Applications
#218 haiku crash axeld bug high - General
#220 Haiku hangs when dragging files to Zip-O-Matic axeld bug high - General
#221 Selecting items in Filetypes app crashes BListItem axeld bug normal - General
#222 [Deskbar] Hide Time axeld bug normal - General
#224 Generic icon bug axeld bug normal - General
#225 Tracker Status axeld bug normal - General
#226 app_server locks up after several minutes axeld bug blocker - General
#227 [kernel] memory and semaphore leaks axeld bug critical System/Kernel
#228 Double clicking tab doesn't hide window to deskbar axeld bug normal - General
#229 focus lost axeld bug normal - General
#234 [Deskbar] dragging any icon over Deskbar crashes it axeld bug normal Applications
#238 physical vmware haiku boot works - in native mode the bootloader cannot find a device axeld bug normal System/Kernel R1/pre-alpha1
#239 Will not compile with GCC4 axeld bug normal Build System
#241 KDiskDeviceManager fails to load partitions on secondary ide-channel drives. axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#242 [Deskbar] Show replicants axeld bug normal Servers/app_server
#244 [Tracker] Open with window axeld bug normal Applications
#248 runtime_loader: troubls handling dynamic section axeld bug high System/Kernel
#256 [app_server] strange color conversion axeld bug normal Servers/app_server R1/pre-alpha1
#257 [Expander] first launch axeld bug normal Servers/registrar
#259 Plain font and menu axeld bug normal - General
#260 Plain font and Tab size axeld bug normal - General
#264 Magnify has problems resizing axeld bug normal Applications
#265 The value of get_tty_index is not correct. axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#266 Crash in WindowLayer::Frontmost() axeld bug blocker Servers/app_server
#267 HWInterface::_DrawCursor opens gdb axeld bug blocker - General
#270 Dragging a Tracker icon deadlocks app_server axeld bug blocker - General
#274 Screen preferences crash axeld bug normal Preferences
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