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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#283 Path text controls not filled in under Haiku korli bug normal Applications
#284 BMenu needs diagonal mouse movement support (easy) jackburton enhancement normal Kits/Interface Kit
#285 BeIDE requires mstats axeld bug normal - General
#286 Opera fails axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#287 [Opera] program crash on startup bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#288 NetPositive fails to load sikosis bug normal Applications
#290 Vision fails to load axeld bug normal - General
#291 [Background] several issues bug normal Preferences/Backgrounds
#292 [Deskbar] team menu jackburton bug normal - General
#293 dropdown arrow in menus should be clickable stippi bug normal - General
#294 BSlider behavor axeld bug normal Applications
#296 [Terminal] some keys must be typed twice korli bug normal Applications
#297 Cortex is drawn in incorrect colors (we like it green) axeld bug normal - General
#298 [Tracker] resizing window could overlap menus with mini icon axeld bug normal Applications
#301 BScrollBar::SetRange crash bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#303 Haikus boundingboxes seemes to be broken (when you rotate fonts) mmlr bug normal - General
#304 [Cortex] Child windows dont "follow" the main window around on the screen axeld bug normal - General
#307 Floppy image is broken sikosis bug normal Website
#308 sob fails to run axeld bug normal Applications
#309 Snowy screens rudolfc@… bug normal System/Kernel
#310 Quake2 crashes if media_server is running marcusoverhagen bug normal - General
#311 View.cpp still includes ColorUtils.h bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#312 Quake2 has awfully dodgy mouse input korli bug normal - General
#313 BeIDE, and problems with its status bar axeld bug normal - General
#314 BeIDE crashes due to bugs in BMessage mmlr bug normal - General
#316 Please enhance the B_MOUSE_UP message with button states. axeld enhancement normal - General
#320 Workspaces settings, does not activate "Revert" or "Apply" axeld bug normal Preferences/Screen
#322 window tab buttons bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#323 [media_addon_server] crashes if started form terminal axeld bug normal Servers/media_addon_server
#324 media_server fails to start media_addon_server bonefish bug normal - General
#327 Hardware cursor displays incorrectly on nvidia and neomagic rudolfc@… bug normal System/Kernel
#328 [Tracker] problems with statusbar redraw stippi bug normal Applications/Tracker
#329 [vmware] haiku doesn't boot axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#330 Booting a kernel from floppy image fails. axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#333 [Cortex] moving bottom dragger draws white space stippi bug normal Kits/Application Kit
#334 [ShowImage] crash while dragging selected part of image mmlr bug normal - General
#335 [Keyboard] slider is moving to slow jackburton bug normal Preferences
#338 sound output is muted in Media preferences marcusoverhagen bug normal - General
#339 playsound audio playback is stuttering bug normal - General R1/alpha1
#340 scrolling back in Terminal is broken stippi bug normal Applications
#342 cursor doesn't change on workspace switch axeld bug normal - General
#343 [Menu] do nothing atm jackburton bug normal - General
#345 Some menus are broken jackburton bug normal - General
#346 Some menus are broken bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#348 Running ps from terminal appears to leak memory axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#350 Spurious mouse movements marcusoverhagen bug normal System/Kernel
#351 [Tracker] crash jackburton bug normal Applications
#352 menu item label drawn too high jackburton bug normal - General
#353 [Tracker] crash after several fast right clicks on trash icon jackburton bug normal Applications/Tracker
#354 [Tracker] Open with window axeld bug normal Applications
#356 ShowImage Dithering stippi bug normal Servers/app_server
#357 Recent boot changes broke booting axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#358 [Tracker] crash on right click in desktop jackburton bug normal Applications
#359 driveinfo brings KDL axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#360 [FileType] add-on crashes on launch axeld bug normal Applications
#361 [Tracker] wrong scrollbar alignment aldeck bug normal Applications/Tracker
#362 [Deskbar] too light text color in Confugure Be Menu window jackburton bug normal - General
#363 People files have different transparency(?) to regular files bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#364 Font glyphs are sometimes irregular sizes axeld bug normal - General
#365 nv.driver loading aswell as vesa rudolfc@… bug normal System/Kernel
#366 Bshelf crashes Deskbar with Canna inputmethod darkwyrm bug normal - General
#367 Input Server error on ibm pc300gl 6282-690 korli bug normal - General
#368 [Deskbar] Menu goes white when dragging mouse off. sikosis bug normal Applications
#369 BMP Translator. The alpha value is lost. marcusoverhagen bug normal Applications
#370 menu color and resize and Arrangement of button jackburton bug normal Preferences
#371 In MenuItem, the bgolor of MarkSymbol and SubmenuSymbol. bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#375 [ FileType add-on ] '/' and other characters cannot be entered bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#376 Locks up during boot. axeld bug normal - General
#378 [Cortex] crash on launch sikosis bug normal Applications
#379 [Deskbar] crash sometimes while VDG axeld bug normal Applications
#380 [3dmiX] crash on fountain star axeld bug normal - General R1/pre-alpha1
#382 GLTeapot crash on launch sikosis bug normal Applications
#383 [E-mail] View method requires owner and doesn't have one jackburton bug normal - General
#384 [Camera] Segment violation axeld bug normal Applications
#385 [Virtual Memory] Calling BeginLineArray with a count <= 0 sikosis bug normal Preferences
#387 FontDemo have some font issues axeld bug normal - General
#388 Terminal does not quit because pty read blocks axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#390 Kernel crash when rebooting if Terminal is open axeld bug normal - General
#391 Audigy isn't detected. korli bug normal System/Kernel
#392 Single and double quotation marks must be typed twice korli bug normal - General
#393 problems in device_manager axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#394 Icons can "stick" to the mouse cursor mmlr bug normal - General
#395 Time pref app - Incorrect days in Feb and Mar 2000 sikosis bug normal Preferences
#396 BSlider crash without window axeld bug normal - General
#397 System lockup when hitting ctrl-c in playfile axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#398 System lockup when hitting ctrl-c in playfile sikosis bug normal Applications
#401 [Tracker] crash axeld bug normal Applications
#403 A few missing symbols axeld enhancement normal - General
#404 [Mouse Cursor] has a translucent square behind it... marcusoverhagen bug normal - General
#405 [syslog_daemon] wrong supported types axeld bug normal - General
#406 [DiskProbe] menus don't work jackburton bug normal - General
#407 [DiskProbe] window should be maximized axeld bug normal Applications
#408 [FileTypes] BListView/BOutlineListView bug axeld bug normal - General
#409 Hotkeys sometimes stop working axeld bug normal - General
#410 [FileTypes] BListView update several times axeld bug normal - General
#411 Alert window buttons should be navigatable with tab button axeld bug normal - General
#412 [Translation] GIF Translator axeld bug normal Applications
#413 [Mouse] pref app buttons not working korli bug normal Preferences
#414 window content redraw axeld bug normal - General
#415 [Mouse] buttons image draws wrong korli bug normal Preferences
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