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#651 [Keymap] Unknown keys are drawn misplaced korli bug normal Preferences
#652 BTextView doesnt redraw correctly after text selection jackburton bug normal - General
#654 [OpenTTD] could not resolve symbol '_netstat' axeld bug normal - General
#655 [Tracker] Changing disks icon setting lets stuff disappear axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker
#656 [Tracker] right side of settings window isn't font sensitive axeld bug normal Applications
#657 [Deskbar] crash axeld bug normal Applications
#658 Inline input is broken korli bug normal - General
#659 if the volume has 30-26 MBytes free space can 't be created files axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#660 Mouse buttons cannot be swapped korli bug normal Preferences
#661 CannaIM deskbar replicant popup menu not working; replicant handle menu displayed instead. korli bug normal - General R1/Development
#662 [FileTypes] crash on group creation axeld bug normal Preferences
#663 [FileTypes] crash on file type creation axeld bug normal - General
#666 Find won't find files when you select any file type axeld bug normal Applications
#668 Using other than the default font would disorder the text spacing in Terminal stippi bug normal Applications/Terminal
#669 "Open with" 'No supporting apps' is wrong, Diskprobe or similar should be listed axeld bug normal Applications
#670 alt-esc won't work for menu traversal with <- and -> jackburton bug normal - General
#672 sis7018 Ali Souncard won't appear in Media Prefs, no sound siarzhuk bug normal Drivers/Audio/sis7018 R1/pre-alpha1
#674 Tracker will place icons behind the Deskbar (top left position) axeld enhancement normal Applications
#675 Dragging (zip) file onto StyleEdit window hangs it, 100%cpu useage jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#676 Click ing on video picture and dragging Mediaplayer dissapears off screen leavengood bug normal Applications/MediaPlayer R1/pre-alpha1
#677 VLC 0.85 crashes when launched sikosis bug normal Applications
#678 Magnify makes cursor flicker, HW accel sikosis bug normal Applications
#680 [Deskbar] font corruption if Expand new applications option enabled axeld bug normal Servers/app_server
#681 [build system] garbage in Long Description attribute bonefish bug normal Build System
#682 [Tracker] crash while i cleaned my mouse axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker
#683 [ProcessController] redraw problems jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit R1/pre-alpha1
#685 Text written in the Find TextBox is also write in the file view axeld bug normal - General
#686 WindowLayer::IsNormal() crash axeld bug normal - General
#688 alt gr + [ or ] freezes Haiku korli bug normal - General
#689 [ping] 2 small fixes korli bug normal - General
#690 if the bootloader is interupted (by pressing the space bar) haiku is rebooting. axeld bug normal System/Boot Loader
#692 Free space bug axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#693 Cannot Change Resolution per Workspace (easy) anevilyak bug normal Servers/app_server
#694 [Tracker] text alignment is 1 pixel to high axeld bug normal Applications
#695 [ButterFly] crash on jpeg translator selection axeld bug normal Applications
#696 US-international keymap is not included on the hd image in beos/etc/Keymaps directory bonefish bug normal Build System
#697 [Workspaces] doesn't show window names axeld bug normal Applications/Workspaces
#698 [Tracker] could crash if many files opened at once mmlr bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/Development
#699 Incorrect terminal numbering sikosis bug normal Applications
#700 incorrect replicant position axeld bug normal Applications
#701 [AboutHaiku] Time running isn't font sensitive (easy) anevilyak bug normal Applications
#704 [Beam] 1.1 closes after a second axeld bug normal - General
#705 [ScreenSaver] password window isn't font sensitive leavengood bug normal Preferences/ScreenSaver
#706 [MidiPlayer] crash if you change volume marcusoverhagen bug normal - General
#707 [Terminal] resizes it's window by 1 pixel on every alt+enter revol@… bug normal Applications
#708 [Tracker] crashes in BList::CountItems() axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker
#709 B_OP_ADD drawing mode not working in SoundRecorder axeld bug normal - General
#710 [TIFFTranslator] missing error handling axeld bug normal Applications
#712 [Tracker] Empty main menu in the Deskbar jackburton bug normal Applications
#713 BMessage::PrintToStream() doesn't print BMessages items axeld bug normal - General
#716 StyledEdit: selecting, selecting fonts axeld bug normal Applications/StyledEdit
#718 search for files, scroll down, alt-y will reset scroll bar to top axeld bug normal Applications
#719 quote key shouldn't be a dead key with American key mapping korli bug normal - General
#721 Freecell suffers from an off-by-one drawing bug stippi bug normal - General
#722 usb_hid uses undocumented cbuf API korli bug normal System/Kernel
#724 Tracker and Terminal unable to delete files with non-ascii filenames axeld bug normal System/
#725 Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 issues mmlr bug normal Drivers/Keyboard/USB R1/Development
#727 Views get B_MOUSE_DOWN events when they shouldn't axeld bug normal - General
#728 BListView does not allow selection of a list item if no item was selected previously axeld bug normal - General
#729 [Tracker] problems with text redraw axeld bug normal - General
#730 [Deskbar] team item switching leaves white spaces jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit R1/pre-alpha1
#731 [Cortex] media_addon_server start to eat cpu marcusoverhagen bug normal Kits/Media Kit
#732 [app_server] doesn't maintain per-application system fonts stippi bug normal Servers/app_server R1/pre-alpha1
#734 missing mkbfs utility axeld bug normal Applications/Command Line Tools R1/pre-alpha1
#738 [Desk Calculator] text corruption jackburton bug normal Applications
#740 usb_midi uses undocumented cbuf API korli bug normal System/Kernel
#741 [Interface Kit] menus are lacking scrolling jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#742 [GLTeapot] uses 100% cpu axeld bug normal Applications
#743 [ScreenSaver] image corruption stippi bug normal - General
#744 [Interface Kit] long tab labels doesn't fit in a tab stippi bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#745 e-mail addresses revealed to spambots mphipps bug normal Website
#746 carriage returns don't make it when sent through Net+ mphipps bug normal Website
#750 [Desk Calculator] text overlapping jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#753 Obsolete attachments aren't striked through mphipps bug normal Website
#754 [glibc] gcc4 fails on wscoll.c bonefish bug normal - General
#755 [ScreenSaver] problems with password window axeld bug normal - General
#758 [GCC4] Label at end of compound statement nathanw@… bug normal System/Kernel
#759 [gcc4] compatibility functions not built axeld bug normal - General
#760 [ZipOMatic] Segment violation axeld bug normal Applications
#762 [app_server] scroll focus lost until mouse moves axeld bug normal - General
#763 [Tracker] doesn't open several selected files if folder doesn't contain subfolder bonefish bug normal Servers/registrar
#764 [Terminal] text view in find window have porblems with cursor offset jackburton bug normal - General
#765 [Expander] preferences window redraw problems axeld bug normal - General
#766 [Expander] Open window have too large "Select .." button korli bug normal Applications/Expander
#768 [ps2_hid] KDL marcusoverhagen bug normal System/Kernel
#800 ICMP enhancement normal Network & Internet/Stack
#807 Add ftp(d), telnet(d), ... enhancement normal Network & Internet
#810 Improve net_buffer implementation enhancement normal Network & Internet/Stack
#824 Booting from CD causes the floppy to constantly be polled axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#825 with new USB task (r18623) marcusoverhagen bug normal Drivers/USB
#827 app_server refresh bug on workspace change axeld bug normal Servers/app_server
#829 Mouse and keyboard fail to work if USB legacy mouse support is activated marcusoverhagen bug normal Drivers/Mouse R1/pre-alpha1
#834 Disconnecting USB mouse/keyboard problem mmlr bug normal - General R1/pre-alpha1
#838 UTF8ToCharCode and UTF8ToLength for 5 and 6 byte characters axeld bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#839 multiple utf-8 string vulnerabilities mmlr bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#841 Terminal doesnt' quit correctly axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#845 Haiku fails to build on x86_64 Linux bonefish bug normal Build System R1/pre-alpha1
#850 crash in BPrivate::ConvertBits mmlr bug normal Servers/app_server R1/pre-alpha1
#851 [GLTeapot] crash if you middle click on teapot jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit R1/pre-alpha1
#854 TextView chokes on "\n" jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
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