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#433 [Cortex] hangs when closed bug normal Applications
#434 Team resources might not be freed on exit (when it was killed?) axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#435 [Workspaces] isn't topmost axeld bug normal - General
#436 [Opera] program crash with BWindow::MoveTo() axeld bug normal - General
#437 [BeShare] Error, couldn't create connect thread! phoudoin bug normal - General
#438 Team Monitor doesn't monitor tracker/deskbar korli bug normal - General
#439 Can't close windows if team monitor ontop axeld bug normal - General
#440 [BTextView] can drag selected text only with the right button jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#441 [Pe] getNumAvailable() == 0 axeld bug normal - General
#442 [app_server] crashes on Globe launch axeld bug normal - General
#443 [Screen] Refrash Rate value is hidden axeld bug normal Preferences
#444 [DataTranslations] doesn't use node monitoring axeld bug normal Preferences
#445 [Deskbar] list is empty axeld bug normal Applications
#446 [Cortex] fails to load marcusoverhagen bug normal - General
#447 [DataTranslations] crashes if SpriteTranslator is installed axeld bug normal Preferences/DataTranslations R1/pre-alpha1
#448 [DataTranslations] crashes on translator selection axeld bug normal - General
#449 Operation not allowed axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#450 [Screen] Do you wish to keep these settings? axeld bug normal Preferences
#451 Changing plain font size in Fonts also change it for menus axeld bug normal - General
#452 [ColdCut] uses 100% cpu if you open about window stippi bug normal - General
#453 Screensavers dont hide Deskbar when it has "always ontop" set axeld bug normal - General
#454 [NetPositive] Graphics arent invalidated(?) axeld bug normal User Interface
#455 [Backgrounds] Tracker add-on opens incorrectly for Desktop korli bug normal Preferences
#456 Print screen doesnt work as expected when screensaver is running axeld enhancement normal - General
#457 [Pulse] "Deskbar mode" doesn't work... sikosis bug normal Build System
#458 Trash wont empty axeld bug normal Applications
#459 [Tracker] doesnt remember background colour between reboots korli bug normal - General
#460 [FontInspector] Scrollbar doesnt update when scrolled axeld bug normal - General
#461 Submenu not closed when grandparent selected jackburton bug normal - General
#462 [Terminal] from R5 crashes axeld bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#463 [Pulse] crashes on right click sikosis bug normal Applications
#464 [Mouse] Double-click test area jackburton bug normal - General
#465 [HotEdit] crash on right click in BTextView jackburton bug normal - General
#466 MenuItem opened when button kept pressed jackburton bug normal - General
#467 [Tracker] Segment violation axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker
#468 pressing CAD in vmware freeze input korli bug normal - General
#470 BBox rectangle is interrupted stippi bug normal - General
#471 [Deskbar] team item is drawn wrong axeld bug normal Applications/Deskbar
#472 [Menu] several issues jackburton bug normal Preferences
#473 [Tracker] overlaps volume icons on mount axeld bug normal Applications
#474 PANIC: BFS axeld bug normal - General
#475 screen saver 'Haiku' alt+w; screen_blanker crashes korli bug normal - General
#476 Right-click on time in Deskbar; menu will show only briefly jackburton bug normal - General
#478 [Deskbar] crash if you drop some selected text on it mmlr bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#480 moving Workspaces leaves artefacts axeld bug normal Applications
#481 Bugzilla's Workspaces component might need to be reassigned axeld bug normal Applications
#482 [Workspaces] windows keep changing order axeld bug normal Applications
#484 [app_server] menu flickering leavengood bug normal Servers/app_server R1/Development
#485 [E-mail] pref crash axeld bug normal System/runtime_loader
#486 "last message repeated" mechanism still doesn't work right mmlr bug normal System/Kernel
#487 Menu opened shortly then disappears jackburton bug normal - General
#489 PANIC: vm_page_fault using 3c920 driver from bebits axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#490 gettimeofday segfaults when called from a shared library axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#491 MenuItem not selected when button released jackburton bug normal - General
#492 [Tracker] Icons disappear when increasing column width axeld bug normal Applications
#493 not able to set wallpaper korli bug normal Preferences
#494 Arrow key behaviour on selected text jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#495 [Screen] crash axeld bug normal Preferences
#496 Bison crashing in libroot axeld bug normal - General
#497 [DiskProbe] looper must be locked before proceeding axeld bug normal Applications
#498 Control+Alt+Delete deletes selected files axeld bug normal - General
#499 [Globe] Segment violation axeld bug normal - General
#500 [Becasso] Segment violation axeld bug normal - General
#501 [Terminal] .profile korli bug normal Applications
#502 Black interface parts in some apps stippi bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#504 [Fonts] doesn't list fonts installed in ~/config/fonts/ttfonts axeld bug normal Preferences
#506 [StyledEdit] text files opens scrolled down jackburton bug normal - General
#507 [VLC] slider flickering stippi bug normal Servers/app_server R1/pre-alpha1
#508 Sticky menu mode doesn't work in tracker context menus jackburton bug normal - General
#509 [app_server] strange behaviour with Tracker windows axeld bug normal - General
#510 [app_server] freeze on BePYRO start axeld bug normal - General
#511 [ScreenSaver] Many stability issues and other problems nobody bug normal Preferences/ScreenSaver R1/Development
#512 [VLC] spacebar doesn't trigger pause\paly button axeld bug normal - General
#513 [ProcessController] crashes on several mouse clicks axeld bug normal - General
#514 [NetPositive] slow scroll with middle button axeld bug normal Servers/app_server
#515 [BTextControl] have some offset with some foreign keymaps jackburton bug normal - General
#516 Bad font hinting jackburton bug normal - General
#518 [GimICQ] doesn't show it's logo in login window axeld bug normal - General
#519 [GimICQ] Settings window flickering axeld bug normal - General
#520 [HotEdit] Toolbar bitmaps aren't drawn correctly jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#521 [Menu] settings doesn't taken into account jackburton bug normal - General
#522 [ScrollBars] settings doesn't taken into account axeld bug normal - General
#523 [BMenuBar] text color selection stippi bug normal - General
#524 [Scooby] BView doesn't follow BWindow on resize axeld bug normal - General
#525 [Terminal] slow text selection jackburton bug normal Applications/Terminal
#526 [BMenu] "<empty>" and "Empty Folder" labels are to large jackburton bug normal - General
#527 Scale Bilinear not updating image leavengood bug normal Applications
#528 wrong image position when zooming sikosis bug normal Applications
#529 [NetPositive] bookmark icon doesn't drawn stippi bug normal Servers/app_server
#530 [BStatusBar] flickering axeld bug normal - General
#531 [Tracker] some shortcuts doesn't work axeld bug normal - General
#532 [Deskbar] flickers during app launch leavengood bug normal Applications/Deskbar R1/Development
#534 [BPopUpMenu] checker glitches stippi bug normal - General
#535 [make] crashes with a segment violation axeld bug normal - General
#538 "About Haiku" in Deskbar produces Event Handler Errors sikosis bug normal Applications
#539 [Darksite] Crashes opening a file mmlr bug normal - General
#540 DevFS should lowercase /dev entries axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#541 [StyledEdit] Warns when the user tries to open a directory sikosis bug normal Applications
#543 [StyledEdit] Doesn't move cursor to found string leavengood bug normal Applications
#544 BScreen* has corrupt data axeld bug normal - General
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