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#568 Some controls have a white background stippi bug normal - General
#569 [bash] directories hide executables korli bug normal - General
#571 [StyledEdit] possible to scroll below end of file jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit R1/pre-alpha1
#572 [Vision] crashes wrt ListView anevilyak bug normal - General
#573 [Media] crash in BMenuBar jackburton bug normal - General
#575 [SampleStudio] crash if you try to open a file marcusoverhagen bug normal Kits/Game Kit R1/pre-alpha1
#576 [Tracker] crash on search axeld bug normal Applications
#577 [Gobe Productive] crash axeld bug normal - General
#578 [Deskbar] crash on Romashka start axeld bug normal Applications
#579 [Eddie] crashes on start axeld bug normal - General
#580 [Tracker] setting wording wrong axeld enhancement normal Applications
#584 BeIDE causes crash in Painter::copy_bitmap_row_cmap8_copy stippi bug normal - General
#586 count_font_families() crash axeld bug normal - General
#587 doesnt compile with DEBUG=1 korli bug normal - General
#588 Hide email address option mphipps enhancement normal Website
#589 BNode Lock()/Unlock() not implemented axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#591 [Deskbar] doesn't redraw it's shelf jackburton bug normal Applications/Deskbar
#592 selected (inverted) text is disappearing stippi bug normal Servers/app_server
#593 [StyledEdit] refuse to open files from links axeld bug normal Applications
#594 [BMenu] doesn't close on focus lost jackburton bug normal - General
#595 [Cortex]'s floating windows follows main window axeld bug normal - General
#596 [Cortex] you can't move media add-ons in it window axeld bug normal - General
#597 [Cortex] double click on audio mixer opens non-resizable window axeld bug normal Kits/Media Kit
#598 [Magnify] starts with black window stippi bug normal Applications
#599 [Team Monitor] isn't font sensitive korli bug normal - General
#600 [Media] Restart the media server to apply changes korli bug normal Preferences
#601 [Becasso] cannot open file /boot/home/config/lib/ axeld bug normal - General
#602 [Background] doesn't show "-B" postfix in context menu axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker
#603 Wrong partition size in DiskProbe axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#604 [SoundRecorder] flickering on slider move korli bug normal Applications
#606 [FileTypes] file type window vs application type axeld bug normal Preferences
#607 mouse prefs won't be saved korli bug normal Preferences
#608 [MediaPlayer] wrong Long Description marcusoverhagen bug normal Applications
#609 BView::GetMouse lags in 3dmix axeld bug normal - General
#610 [BMenu] doesn't check for window close jackburton bug normal - General
#611 [3DmiX] freeze on new track axeld bug normal Servers/app_server R1/Development
#612 [Tracker] crashed on move file from system folder axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker
#613 [Tracker] doesn't let you to rename system folders axeld bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#614 [FileType] tracker add-on doesn't have an icon bonefish bug normal Build System
#615 [BMenu] has some issues jackburton bug normal - General
#616 [Tracker] Find window have white box jackburton bug normal - General
#617 [FileType] should have window size limit axeld bug normal Preferences
#618 [FileTypes] OGG Movie should be in video section axeld bug normal Preferences
#619 [BListView] selection should be centered axeld bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#620 [Tracker] Info window hint sometimes don't close axeld bug normal - General
#621 [VLC] BScrollbars doesn't follow BWindow on Messages window resize axeld bug normal - General
#622 [LaunchBox] crashes on launch stippi bug normal - General
#623 [SoundRecorder] from R5 crashes axeld bug normal - General
#624 Haiku enters KDL on a AMD K6-2 system (generic_x86) axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#626 [Menu] crazy resizing on start jackburton bug normal - General
#627 Cannot open another copy of the Terminal program bonefish bug normal Applications
#628 The letter ? needs to be pushed twice korli bug normal Preferences
#629 The "change time..." option on the right click menu on the main clock doesn't work sikosis bug normal Applications
#631 [Terminal] freeze on cat /dev/null axeld bug normal Applications
#632 Team Monitor window corruption axeld bug normal - General
#633 [ProcessController] several issues axeld bug normal Applications
#635 [Deskbar] Quit application axeld bug normal Applications
#636 [Pulse] context menu isn't sticky jackburton bug normal Applications
#637 [shutdown] doesn't draw gray box korli bug normal - General
#638 Magnify has problems with sliding tabs sikosis bug normal Applications
#639 [Deskbar] new replicants are incorrectly positioned sikosis bug normal - General
#640 [ProcessController] Spy memory usage has incorrect background colours axeld bug normal - General
#641 [Workspaces] moving window decorator fails to update Workspace's clone axeld bug normal Applications
#642 [Sliding tabs] titlebar vanishes when resizing window axeld bug normal - General
#643 Tabs can move outside the window bounds revol@… bug normal - General
#644 [Bugzilla] New components mphipps bug normal Website
#645 [BMenu] redraw problems in Backgrounds axeld bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#647 [kernel] kdl on kernel_x86 double click axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#648 [kernel] doesn't have own icon yet axeld enhancement normal System/Kernel
#649 [Tracker] Info window have problems with description axeld bug normal Applications
#651 [Keymap] Unknown keys are drawn misplaced korli bug normal Preferences
#652 BTextView doesnt redraw correctly after text selection jackburton bug normal - General
#654 [OpenTTD] could not resolve symbol '_netstat' axeld bug normal - General
#655 [Tracker] Changing disks icon setting lets stuff disappear axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker
#656 [Tracker] right side of settings window isn't font sensitive axeld bug normal Applications
#657 [Deskbar] crash axeld bug normal Applications
#658 Inline input is broken korli bug normal - General
#659 if the volume has 30-26 MBytes free space can 't be created files axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#660 Mouse buttons cannot be swapped korli bug normal Preferences
#661 CannaIM deskbar replicant popup menu not working; replicant handle menu displayed instead. korli bug normal - General R1/Development
#662 [FileTypes] crash on group creation axeld bug normal Preferences
#663 [FileTypes] crash on file type creation axeld bug normal - General
#666 Find won't find files when you select any file type axeld bug normal Applications
#668 Using other than the default font would disorder the text spacing in Terminal stippi bug normal Applications/Terminal
#669 "Open with" 'No supporting apps' is wrong, Diskprobe or similar should be listed axeld bug normal Applications
#670 alt-esc won't work for menu traversal with <- and -> jackburton bug normal - General
#672 sis7018 Ali Souncard won't appear in Media Prefs, no sound siarzhuk bug normal Drivers/Audio/sis7018 R1/pre-alpha1
#674 Tracker will place icons behind the Deskbar (top left position) axeld enhancement normal Applications
#675 Dragging (zip) file onto StyleEdit window hangs it, 100%cpu useage jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit
#676 Click ing on video picture and dragging Mediaplayer dissapears off screen leavengood bug normal Applications/MediaPlayer R1/pre-alpha1
#677 VLC 0.85 crashes when launched sikosis bug normal Applications
#678 Magnify makes cursor flicker, HW accel sikosis bug normal Applications
#680 [Deskbar] font corruption if Expand new applications option enabled axeld bug normal Servers/app_server
#681 [build system] garbage in Long Description attribute bonefish bug normal Build System
#682 [Tracker] crash while i cleaned my mouse axeld bug normal Applications/Tracker
#683 [ProcessController] redraw problems jackburton bug normal Kits/Interface Kit R1/pre-alpha1
#685 Text written in the Find TextBox is also write in the file view axeld bug normal - General
#686 WindowLayer::IsNormal() crash axeld bug normal - General
#688 alt gr + [ or ] freezes Haiku korli bug normal - General
#689 [ping] 2 small fixes korli bug normal - General
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