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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#50 Bluescreen after boot [PANIC: free()] axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#51 KDL when mounting a BFS cd-rom axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#52 socketpair missing in network libraries and <sys/socket.h> phoudoin bug normal - General
#53 POP3 SSL addon crashes mail_daemon when connection fails nathanw@… bug normal Applications
#54 Resizing GLTeapot doesn't work axeld bug normal Applications
#55 isn't working phoudoin bug high - General
#56 Sound is distorted korli bug normal System/Kernel
#57 No terminal output after a redirect axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#58 PANIC: vnode 4:327684 already exists axeld bug high System/Kernel
#59 user debugger window bad behaviors bonefish bug normal - General
#60 ping blocks after one packet sent/received phoudoin bug normal - General
#62 missing isprint() in axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#63 missing rand48() family in axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#64 Qemu with kqemu axeld bug low System/Kernel
#65 wrong files in /etc/Keymap bonefish bug normal Build System
#66 syslog() should replace %m occurrences in msg with strerror(errno) axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#67 missing statvfs and fstatvfs in axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#68 SSH link is woefully outdated mphipps bug normal Website
#69 BTranslationUtils::GetBitmap returns NULL marcusoverhagen bug normal - General
#70 Loading resources broken bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#71 ps/2 mouse don't work korli bug low System/Kernel
#72 BMessage doesn't flatten the fCurSpecifier field axeld bug normal - General
#73 broken cross-compiling from Linux bonefish bug normal Build System
#74 Clock application can't find its executable with FindApp() bonefish bug normal - General
#75 After math function cleanup, hypot() is missing bonefish bug normal - General
#76 ResComp failes! bonefish bug normal Build System
#77 unhandled page fault while trying to sync axeld bug blocker System/Kernel
#78 another cache bug, maybe same as 77 axeld bug blocker System/Kernel
#79 Unable to boot HD image: bfs_access:1329: Operation not allowed axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#80 Terminal hangs on large console output axeld bug high Applications
#81 Build problem - code error? axeld bug normal - General
#82 Icons of Tracker get corrupted, when i write some data axeld bug high System/Kernel
#83 haiku doesn't boot bonefish bug blocker System/Kernel
#84 settype doesn't run under Linux/PPC bonefish bug normal Build System
#85 Popup menu problems (Backgrounds pref app) jackburton bug normal - General
#86 Pop menu can pop up out of the screen jackburton bug normal - General
#87 Disabled menus cause excessive CPU cycles. jackburton bug high - General
#88 Time crashes on exit axeld bug normal - General
#89 Charts blocks drawing while '2 Threads' is selected [...] jackburton bug normal Applications/Chart R1/Development
#90 Dragging the deskbar around crashes the app_server axeld bug high - General
#91 Tracker+haiku drawing bug bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#92 BPartition::Mount() doesn't update object mount state bonefish bug normal - General
#93 Refreshing tracker problem axeld bug normal Applications
#94 Update pcihdr.h korli bug normal Preferences
#95 Magnify and Time hang when exiting sikosis bug normal Applications
#96 Chart test app display bug jackburton bug normal Applications/Chart R1/Development
#97 BEntry::Remove() doesn't handle directory entries axeld bug normal - General
#98 ListView behaves weirdly inside a tabview stippi bug normal - General
#99 Chart/BDirectWindow ignore workspace change jackburton bug normal - General
#100 AboutHaiku using garbage for version bonefish bug normal Applications
#101 Newsletters don't fit on screen mphipps bug normal Website
#102 AS_LAYER_CURSOR not implemented in ServerWIndow axeld bug normal - General
#103 sync is taking too much time axeld bug high System/Kernel
#104 sync is taking too much time axeld bug high System/Kernel
#105 Opening multiple terminals gives resource busy errors sikosis bug low Applications
#106 BFS error when installing several times with Installer axeld bug high System/Kernel
#107 No events sent to checkboxes in Installer package list bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#108 BMenus crashing jackburton bug normal - General
#109 Resize/Restore button draws over mouse stippi bug normal - General
#110 StyledEdit doesn't save a file successfully on Haiku axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#111 Invalidation problems in 32bit mode wrt BDirectWindow stippi bug high - General
#112 FileTypes isn't working sikosis bug normal Preferences
#113 Ctrl+C kills applications that shouldn't be killed bonefish bug critical System/Kernel
#114 BScreen should not crash when there is no BApplication axeld bug normal - General
#115 problem with ping phoudoin bug blocker - General
#116 B_DRAW_ON_CHILDREN view flag doesn't work stippi bug normal - General
#117 dragging the replicant out of window doesn't work mmlr bug normal Applications
#118 Wiki search form generates database error mphipps bug normal Website
#119 cancelled shutdown process prevents launching apps bonefish bug normal - General
#120 dstLen is not set with utf8_conversions.cpp bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#121 Haiku deadlock if you open bash_history sikosis bug normal System/Kernel
#122 After restart Screen prefs show wrong refrashrate. axeld bug normal Preferences
#123 Chart fullscreen function is broken. sikosis bug normal Applications
#124 CLAmp window disappears on screenshot marcusoverhagen bug normal - General
#125 Repeat rate is too slow. marcusoverhagen bug normal System/Kernel
#126 fonts spacing problems. stippi bug normal Preferences
#127 Expander forgets extract path korli bug normal Applications
#128 Overlapping SetFocus() axeld bug normal - General
#129 Switch of input_method korli bug normal - General
#130 About Haiku app bug sikosis bug normal Applications
#131 Tab in Fonts sikosis bug low Preferences
#132 Tracker hangs on Mount menu axeld bug normal Applications
#133 Deskbar show hidden window axeld bug normal Applications
#134 [SoundRecorder] doesn't start korli bug normal Applications/SoundRecorder
#135 Workspaces don't let you to move windows axeld bug normal - General
#136 Permission's tab crash Tracker axeld bug normal System/Kernel
#137 Keymap isnt saving the current keymap korli bug high Preferences
#138 Editing querys is crashing the Tracker axeld bug normal Applications
#139 Deletion forgetting of BPopUpMenu sikosis bug low Applications
#140 Deletion forgetting korli bug normal Applications
#141 BottomlineWindow korli bug normal - General
#142 ShowImage build fails sikosis bug normal Applications
#143 "jam install-haiku" adds suspicious links on my boot-drive bonefish bug normal Build System
#144 Some bugzilla comments dont wrap, lots of scrolling needed! mphipps bug normal Website
#145 The judgment of "be:confirmed" is too early. jackburton bug normal - General
#146 Screen isn't updated axeld bug normal - General
#147 Wrongly enabled buttons in Background preflet bpmagic@… bug normal - General
#148 Text cursor drawing bug at TextControl bpmagic@… bug low - General
#149 input_server doesn't properly set typemativ repeat and delay marcusoverhagen bug normal - General
#150 keyboard driver is opened twice korli bug normal - General
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