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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#12620 Use a map for finding areas in ServerMemoryAllocator nobody enhancement low Kits/Application Kit R1/Development
#12877 Add MIME sniffer tests using mimetype-menagerie nobody enhancement low Kits/Storage Kit R1/Development
#13039 Appearance: combobox for anti-aliasing type moves around nobody bug low Kits/Interface Kit R1/Development
#13195 Investigate using client-side instead of server-side drawing nobody enhancement low Servers/app_server R1/Development
#13725 Implement trojan-horse host take-over mmu_man enhancement low System/Kernel R1/Development
#13835 [LaunchBox] The icons' size option should be aligned with the desktop Janus enhancement low Applications/LaunchBox R1/Development
#14461 Update Project History page nobody task low Website/
#14743 Shelf screensaver should have an option to move replicants randomly mmu_man enhancement low Add-Ons/Screen Savers R1/Development
#14940 Support non-rectangular (shaped) windows looncraz enhancement low Servers/app_server R1/Development
#15112 Extend glyph hinting options nobody enhancement low Preferences/Appearance

Status: closed (90 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#12197 #haiku irc channel is locked nobody bug blocker Sys-Admin R1/Development
#12337 WebPositive will not load, missing symbol jscipione bug blocker Applications/WebPositive R1/Development
#14179 gcc 7.3.0 cannot build itself waddlesplash bug blocker Build System R1/Development
#5550 Boot Panic with ipwifi3945(abg) : out of MTRRs! [r35779] bonefish bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#10279 random binary crashes, generally while compiling or doing other port work nobody bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#12235 DHCP OPTION_SERVER_ADDRESS corruption leading to broken DHCP zooey bug critical Network & Internet/IPv4 R1/Development
#12340 FlattenPictureTest kills app_server (Regression) axeld bug critical Servers/app_server R1/Development
#12365 password generation must be more secured nobody enhancement critical System R1/Development
#12541 "PANIC: unable to find irq routing for PCI 4:4:0" from nightly builds kallisti5 bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#12975 KDL during git pull nobody bug critical System R1/Development
#13558 Kernel Panic in load_tracking.h nobody bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#13744 Kernel PANIC stack fault exception from a userland C++ app nobody bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#14046 PANIC: vm_page_fault: unhanded page fault in kernel space nobody bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#14243 PANIC: vm_page_fault - usb explore while booting with a USB Logitech Unifying Receiver mmlr bug critical Drivers/USB/UHCI R1/Development
#5040 Dell Dimension 3100 with LCD screen loses video at end of boot axeld bug high Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme R1/Development
#5046 PHPMailer classes required by SMTP module seem to be missing from website on baron haiku-web bug high Website/CMS R1/alpha1
#5098 HTML meta tags have vanished haiku-web bug high Website/CMS
#5100 Meta tag fields gone from node edit windows haiku-web bug high Website/CMS
#8347 Rebuild VirtualBox additions and make an optional package for kallisti5 enhancement high Drivers R1/Development
#8470 gcc cross compiler broken under x86_64 (btrev43030) bonefish bug high Build System R1/Development
#8954 USB3 support korli enhancement high Drivers/USB/XHCI R1/Development
#10769 PANIC: get_boot_partitions failed nobody bug high Drivers/Disk/ATA R1/Development
#11906 Use a 301 redirect on main website haiku-sysadmin bug high Sys-Admin
#12671 x86_64 trampoline boot failure axeld bug high System/Boot Loader R1/Development
#12761 Beam - deleting of mails into a beam-trashcan folder first nobody enhancement high Applications R1/Development
#12798 KDL when running NetworkInterfaceTest unit tests axeld bug high System/Kernel R1/Development
#12813 WebPositive crashes when uploading large files to Google Drive nobody bug high Applications R1/Development
#12855 i965 modesetting regression kallisti5 bug high Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme R1/Development
#12953 MediaTrack::WriteFrames problems with gcc5 / latest ffmpeg Barrett bug high Kits/Media Kit R1/Development
#13025 Documenting - Website nielx bug high Documentation R1/Development
#13054 Uninitialized GPT, but no MBR partitions detected nobody bug high Partitioning Systems R1/Development
#13058 Web Positive Crashes hrev50670 pulkomandy bug high Applications/WebPositive R1/Development
#13089 Implement rfc 1323 in our TCP stack axeld enhancement high Network & Internet/TCP R1/Development
#13334 Ticket notification emails are sent from creator's email, breaking the haiku-bugs list nielx bug high Website/Trac
#13369 Broken font in QT4 applications stippi bug high User Interface R1/Development
#13377 Haiku fails to initialize display on Asus-F5R notebook PC kallisti5 bug high Drivers/Graphics/radeon R1/Development
#13465 Paladin/PalEdit 1.3 fails to launch due to missing library in latest Haiku nightly (hrev51139) nobody bug high Applications R1/Development
#13539 Package_daemon stop randomly should reboot. nobody bug high Servers/power_daemon R1/Development
#13540 [haiku ports] unable to build irssi with haikuporter. nobody bug high - General R1/Development
#13589 Unable to update from master Haiku repo nobody bug high - General R1/Development
#13899 Error writing file attributes when unzipping old BeOS type *.zip files nobody bug high Applications/Expander R1/Development
#13933 Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5761 PCIe dosen't properly work nobody bug high Drivers/Network/broadcom570x R1/Development
#13989 [MediaPlayer] unreliably plays audio (output) when files are loaded from a playlist stippi bug high Applications/MediaPlayer R1/Development
#14031 Updating to hrev51848 renders system unbootable mmlr bug high Drivers/USB R1/Development
#14168 SMAP violation: user-mapped address - "console writer" nobody bug high System/Kernel R1/Development
#14170 rtl81xx: sync with FreeBSD 11.1 nobody bug high Drivers/Network/rtl81xx R1/Development
#14190 KDL: SMAP violation (intel_extreme) korli bug high Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme R1/Development
#14211 NTFS partition mount error 3dEyes bug high File Systems/NTFS R1/Development
#14294 KDL: vfs_release_posix_lock nobody bug high System/Kernel R1/Development
#14313 ARM toolchain broken bonefish bug high Build System R1/Development
#14337 KDL during desktop initilization from bootup waddlesplash bug high Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd R1/Development
#14342 Repeatly create/join threads with thread local variable crash nobody bug high System/ R1/Development
#14353 Certain VESA screen resolutions may cause black/blue screen after Haiku splash screen kallisti5 bug high Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd R1/Development
#14380 Vision is broken nobody bug high Applications/Devices R1/alpha4.1
#14451 Performance degradation after compiling large projects nobody bug high System/Kernel R1/Development
#14501 USB Mouse and keyboard stop working mmlr bug high Drivers/USB R1/Development
#14505 General network problems on Thinkpad T420 waddlesplash bug high Drivers/Network/iprowifi4965 R1/Development
#14608 Haiku R1b Kernel panic nobody bug high Drivers/USB/XHCI R1/beta1
#14715 Tracker - becomes unresponsive when copying a bunch of files to a USB flashdrive nobody bug high Drivers/Disk/USB R1/beta1
#14948 SoftwateUpdater / pkgman update retry option perelandra enhancement high Applications/SoftwareUpdater R1/Development
#14953 Cron job didn't update usb.ids and pci.ids to current nobody bug high System/Kernel R1/Development
#14995 download section gives page not found error waddlesplash bug high Website/ R1/Development
#15113 Userguide installation on System Update nobody enhancement high - General R1/Development
#812 Port PPP to the new stack nobody enhancement normal Network & Internet/PPP
#820 Network preferences stippi enhancement normal Network & Internet
#871 when PPP module gets unloaded, reloaded, and unloaded the system crashes wkornewald bug normal Network & Internet/PPP R1/pre-alpha1
#1050 implement a WiFi stack colin enhancement normal Network & Internet/Wireless R1/pre-alpha1
#1057 add PPP connection replicant and connection dialog enhancement normal Network & Internet/PPP R1/pre-alpha1
#1058 simplify PPP preflet and integrate it into our network preflet enhancement normal Network & Internet/PPP R1/pre-alpha1
#1098 CD/DVD burning application nobody enhancement normal Applications
#1109 Kernel module to enable Linux drivers in Haiku nobody enhancement normal System/Kernel
#1141 Support for x86-64 architecture xyzzy enhancement normal System/Kernel
#1210 IMAP: download only headers czeidler enhancement normal Servers/mail_daemon R1/pre-alpha1
#1245 implement notification service and API pulkomandy enhancement normal Kits/Application Kit R1/Development
#1586 Queries: not case-insensitive for "Umlauts" zooey bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/pre-alpha1
#1944 Kill command don't work with process names [Upstream to coreutils] phoudoin task normal Applications/Command Line Tools R1/Development
#1980 Implement XSI semaphore and IPC API emitrax enhancement normal System/ R1/pre-alpha1
#2095 At boot time, kernel should load only the drivers that have been previously detected axeld enhancement normal - General R1/pre-alpha1
#2144 Test case: jam -q -a Terminal axeld enhancement normal - General
#2157 [Keymap] main window can't be resized axeld enhancement normal Preferences/Keymap R1/pre-alpha1
#2266 Notifications not send when attachment added to ticket haiku-web bug normal Website/Trac R1/pre-alpha1
#2472 Access log flooded with page not found errors from automated bots haiku-web enhancement normal Website/CMS
#2632 Possible redefinition for struct sockaddr_in, related to IPv6 nobody bug normal Network & Internet/IPv6 R1/pre-alpha1
#2692 Missing POSIX header fenv.h nobody enhancement normal System/POSIX R1/pre-alpha1
#2817 setpriority and getpriority are missing to compile ocaml out of the box under Haiku nobody enhancement normal System/POSIX R1/Development
#2836 Unify folder and file names nobody enhancement normal Applications
#2905 Handling "Favorites", the "be" folder and "Recent Folders" nobody enhancement normal Applications/Deskbar R1/pre-alpha1
#2950 Vmware video driver dual Haiku screens nobody bug normal Drivers/Graphics R1/pre-alpha1
#3097 trac sends to many email notifications haiku-web enhancement normal Website/Trac
#3343 [Drupal] Recent comments doesn't link to proper page haiku-web bug normal Website/CMS
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