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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#14940 Support non-rectangular (shaped) windows looncraz enhancement low Servers/app_server R1/Development
#15112 Extend glyph hinting options nobody enhancement low Preferences/Appearance
#15128 noto_sans_cjk: make it a supplement of haiku package waddlesplash enhancement normal Build System R1/Development
#10537 ARM memory barrier assembly code needs reviewed for correctness nobody task normal System/Kernel R1/Development
#12301 [ARM] Implement missing glibc math funcs nobody task normal System/ R1/Development
#13024 EFI - Signed loader binary nobody task normal System/Boot Loader R1/Development
#13182 [SoundRecorder] rewrite to use Layout API nobody task normal Applications/SoundRecorder R1/Development
#13183 Add copy constructor for BStringRef nobody task normal Kits/Support Kit R1/Development
#13671 Update script for attachment to hardware related tickets mmu_man task normal - General R1/Development
#14288 upstream gcc patches from buildtools kallisti5 task normal - General R1/Development
#14461 Update Project History page nobody task low Website/

Status: closed (89 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#650 [build system] packages are broken for target bone bonefish bug low Build System
#871 when PPP module gets unloaded, reloaded, and unloaded the system crashes wkornewald bug normal Network & Internet/PPP R1/pre-alpha1
#1586 Queries: not case-insensitive for "Umlauts" zooey bug normal Applications/Tracker R1/pre-alpha1
#1879 Cannot create hard link axeld bug low File Systems/BFS R1/pre-alpha1
#2266 Notifications not send when attachment added to ticket haiku-web bug normal Website/Trac R1/pre-alpha1
#2529 update-all doesn't trigger re-downloading optional packages bonefish bug low Build System R1/Development
#2632 Possible redefinition for struct sockaddr_in, related to IPv6 nobody bug normal Network & Internet/IPv6 R1/pre-alpha1
#2642 bfs: mkdir creates invalid directory nobody bug low System/POSIX R1/pre-alpha1
#2950 Vmware video driver dual Haiku screens nobody bug normal Drivers/Graphics R1/pre-alpha1
#3343 [Drupal] Recent comments doesn't link to proper page haiku-web bug normal Website/CMS
#3595 Problems with FireWare controller on HP Compaq NX7400 absabs bug normal Drivers/FireWire
#3607 Trac email notifications, missing user name in 'From' field haiku-web bug normal Website/Trac
#3762 PackageInstaller and handling script files sil2100 bug low Applications/PackageInstaller R1/pre-alpha1
#4091 r31522 build breakage on parallel jam bonefish bug low Build System R1/Development
#4164 assertion fails in malloc (rev 31961) nobody bug normal System/ R1/pre-alpha1
#4195 WonderBrush in fullscreen is a little too much wider stippi bug normal Applications R1/pre-alpha1
#4454 System locks up when inserting (or trying to mount?) CD marcusoverhagen bug normal Drivers/Disk/ATA R1/pre-alpha1
#4649 The ISO image of Haiku cannot be made on Windows7 RC 64bit. bonefish bug low Build System R1/Development
#4795 emacs' builtin malloc seems to cause memory-corrupting causing segfaults nobody bug normal System R1/pre-alpha1
#4858 New blog entry preview resets input format to limited HTML haiku-web bug normal Website/CMS
#4963 PANIC: heap: kernel heap has run out of memory axeld bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development
#5004 Notifications about new posts in opened bug reports don't come to my e-mail! zooey bug normal Website R1/Development
#5040 Dell Dimension 3100 with LCD screen loses video at end of boot axeld bug high Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme R1/Development
#5041 Install CD doesn't apply power to USB on Dell Dimension 3100 mmlr bug normal Drivers/USB R1/Development
#5046 PHPMailer classes required by SMTP module seem to be missing from website on baron haiku-web bug high Website/CMS R1/alpha1
#5047 Ticket tracker e-mail confirmation uses poor/spam language nielx bug normal Website/Trac R1/alpha1
#5098 HTML meta tags have vanished haiku-web bug high Website/CMS
#5100 Meta tag fields gone from node edit windows haiku-web bug high Website/CMS
#5118 Haiku panics on HDA sound card korli bug normal Drivers/Audio/HDA R1/Development
#5135 BeIDE not started axeld bug normal Kits/Media Kit R1/Development
#5207 Broken Link on Trademark Policy Page haiku-web bug normal Website/CMS
#5355 USB Crash nobody bug normal - General R1/Development
#5371 Loss of boot partitions at boot nobody bug normal - General R1/alpha1
#5401 Haiku's Email new emails query includes email files in Trash (it shouldn't) anevilyak bug normal Kits/Mail Kit R1/Development
#5424 [gdb] hang after Ctrl-C nobody bug normal Applications/Command Line Tools R1/alpha1
#5434 Linking a shared library against _APP_ does not work as in BeOS R5 bonefish bug low System/runtime_loader R1/Development
#5444 update-all doesn't update alternative system libs (hybrid) bonefish bug low Build System R1/Development
#5450 From LaunchBox disappear links to any documents/scripts stippi bug normal Applications/LaunchBox R1/alpha1
#5550 Boot Panic with ipwifi3945(abg) : out of MTRRs! [r35779] bonefish bug critical System/Kernel R1/Development
#5577 View menu string missing from Mail app locale catalog jonas.kirilla bug normal Applications/Mail R1/Development
#5594 A few strings are missing in DriveSetup locale catalog axeld bug normal File Systems/BFS R1/Development
#5630 GCC4: headers/cpp/fenv.h don't find bits/c++config.h jprostko bug normal Applications/Command Line Tools R1/Development
#5632 Remove allussion to BeOS CD in Mail app message or the message altogether jonas.kirilla bug normal Applications/Mail R1/Development
#5655 E-mail preferences crash on creating an account axeld bug normal System/ R1/Development
#5665 Boot loader docs show Select safe mode options wrong nielx bug low Website
#5779 page fault after connecting USB mouse at Live-CD screen nobody bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development
#6023 Build broken on Ubuntu 64bit host - target x86 nobody bug normal - General R1/alpha2
#6284 blog auto-completes multiple tags without comma separator haiku-web bug normal Website/CMS
#6289 Search doesn't show comments anymore haiku-web bug normal Website/Trac
#6482 gdb should not stop program on SIGCONT nobody bug normal Applications/Command Line Tools R1/Development
#6775 [PNGTranslator] can't open /system/documentation/diskusage/*.png images leavengood bug normal Add-Ons/Translators/PNG R1/Development
#6811 GCC4H versions constantly rebooting while used from usb pendrive nobody bug normal System/Boot Loader R1/alpha2
#7008 Implement missing <search.h>, <stdio.h>, <stdlib.h>, <wchar.h> functions and definitions bonefish bug normal System/POSIX R1/Development
#7277 (Website) The pager wraps when the page number is too wide haiku-web bug normal Website/CMS
#7655 Resolution 640x480 the only one available -- driver using own EDID interp. instead of (more complete) common code's EDID interpretation rudolfc bug low Drivers/Graphics/nVidia R1/Development
#7708 Haiku Book on has display issues on main page nielx bug low Documentation
#7797 [app_server] Alternative implementation of subpixel rendering (patch) leavengood bug normal Servers/app_server R1/Development
#7922 system() call does not launch aliases nobody bug normal System/POSIX R1/alpha3
#8090 KDL from mounting an old Haiku (BFS) filesystem axeld bug normal File Systems/BFS R1/Development
#8231 [Trac] ApiDocumentationStatus page out of date haiku-web bug normal Website/Trac
#8254 bfs_fuse needs root privs since hrev41258 axeld bug normal File Systems/BFS R1/Development
#8287 Debugger Variables list not always in view anevilyak bug low Applications/Debugger R1/Development
#8430 [kernel] mplayer segfaults in a loop bonefish bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development
#8454 Very low network performance on some Marvell Yukon cards. nobody bug normal Drivers/Network/marvell_yukon R1/Development
#8470 gcc cross compiler broken under x86_64 (btrev43030) bonefish bug high Build System R1/Development
#8491 [Boot Fail] Boot fail with AMD APU. nobody bug normal System/Kernel R1/Development
#8656 BMediaTheme "output frequency" entry is poorly placed yourpalal bug normal Kits/Media Kit R1/Development
#8701 read command can die in some stream circumstances. jackburton bug low Applications/Terminal R1/Development
#8760 Missing people folder in home folder in nightly builds axeld bug normal File Systems/BFS R1/Development
#8798 PTHREAD_RWLOCK_INITIALIZER macro not defined nobody bug normal System/POSIX R1/Development
#8802 Tiled window do not share Z-Order czeidler bug normal Add-Ons/Decorators/Default R1/Development
#8834 app_server remote/html5 won't work correctly on x86_64 nobody bug normal Servers/app_server R1/Development
#9041 has no 404 handler nielx bug normal Website
#9055 "From" in ticket mails is no longer the user changing the ticket nielx bug normal Website/Trac
#9056 Comment live preview dysfunctional nielx bug normal Website/Trac
#9131 No internet or network adaptor shown in Network preferences nobody bug normal Drivers/Network/rtl81xx R1/Development
#9168 iprowifi4965 unstable, won't connect to any networks nobody bug normal Drivers/Network/iprowifi4965 R1/alpha4.1
#9263 Random iprowifi4965 failure on Intel 6230 wireless nobody bug normal Drivers/Network/iprowifi4965 R1/Development
#9317 Gutenprint Canon Pixma nobody bug normal Drivers/Printers R1/Development
#9326 WebKit needs MAP_NORESERVE on x86_64 xyzzy bug normal Applications/WebPositive R1/Development
#9482 Binutil build breakage with texinfo 5.0 kallisti5 bug low Build System R1/Development
#9483 GCC build breakage with texinfo 5.0 kallisti5 bug low Build System R1/Development
#9497 Improved Haiku look and feel for Minesweeper game nobody bug low - General R1/Development
#9524 [iso9660, fat and exfat fs add-ons] time convercion mistakes nobody bug normal File Systems R1/Development
#9622 no sound on Thinkpad x120e in hrev45438 gcc2h korli bug normal Drivers/Audio/HDA R1/Development
#9750 [Intel HDA] No sound on Amd system nobody bug normal Drivers/Audio/HDA R1/Development
#9792 [Registrar] Crash when signature doesn't match constructor arg bonefish bug normal Servers/registrar R1/Development
#9818 Boot failed - infinite loop axeld bug normal System/Boot Loader R1/Development
#9888 [easy] IconUtils: correct warnings nobody bug low System R1/Development
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