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#8258 [ACPI] laptop's brightness buttons need ACPI driver since hrev42637 new pulkomandy, degea@… tqh enhancement normal
#10200 Tracker: Folder name not translated (no SYS:NAME attribute) assigned pulkomandy nobody bug normal
#10943 [Terminal] Scrollback buffer becomes invisible new pulkomandy jackburton bug normal
#13152 Live-CD intel.extreme graphics driver no longer recognizes i965GM new PulkoMandy kallisti5 bug normal
#13519 Media Preferences: OpenSound Driver assigned pulkomandy nobody enhancement normal
#13580 Black Screen on Thinkpad T400 with Intel graphics and Coreboot new pulkomandy, kallisti5 kallisti5 bug normal
#13757 BListView Selection Boxes not Updated new agmsmith@…, PulkoMandy nobody bug normal
#13869 [RFC] Additions to libbsd new PulkoMandy, axeld nobody enhancement normal
#13948 mandoc hangs upon printing unicode character new PulkoMandy nobody bug normal
#14391 makefile-engine fails creating catalogs new humdinger, PulkoMandy bonefish bug normal
#14424 Monospace font keeps getting reverted to Noto Mono after reboot new pulkomandy waddlesplash bug normal
#14944 incorrect generation of API doumentation in doxygen 1.8.13 new pulkomandy haiku-web bug normal
#11672 [SUGGESTION] adopt R8brain as default resampler new PulkoMandy nobody enhancement low
#13572 MIME Type Localization Support new humdinger, PulkoMandy, waddlesplash nobody enhancement low
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