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#1082 Runtime Loader Fails for Programs on File Systems not Using the File Cache assigned nobody bug normal R1
#2627 Mail-It doesn't work (undefined symbol) assigned nobody bug normal R1
#3576 runtime_loader : display which file triggered R5 compatibility mode in syslog assigned nobody enhancement normal R1
#6803 VLC crashes on exit (topological_sort) .. and other apps with add-ons? assigned bonefish bug normal R1
#8288 Undefined weak symbols should get a value of 0 new bonefish bug normal R1
#8520 runtime loader should check elf headers for things like architecture. new bonefish enhancement normal Unscheduled
#12451 Changes to buildtools results in libstdc++ with broken TLS support assigned simonsouth bug normal Unscheduled
#12791 GCC 5.3.0 libssp problem -- broken stack protector assigned nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#13159 Some LibreOffice's unit tests crash in __pthread_key_call_destructors new nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#13294 Static TLS model is not supported new nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled
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