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#7568 unhandled ioctl on usb storage device (usb_disk) new usb_disk unhandled ioctl 32768 mmlr bug normal
#8629 Add commandline parameters to Backgrounds new commandline parameters korli enhancement normal
#8687 ShowImage: add "file info" with image properties, exif data, and so on new showimage add file info with exif data and all image properties edit entries leavengood enhancement normal
#8790 "Get info" and multiple files selection assigned "Get info" and multiple files selection nobody enhancement normal
#9209 Media player S&T windowing improvement new stack and tile mediaplayer stippi enhancement normal
#9579 Implement a simple way to set default apps/handlers assigned Implement a simple way to set default apps handlers nobody enhancement normal
#12930 Intel HD 3000 Laptop - Graphics boots into black screen assigned SandyBridge kallisti5 bug normal
#14851 Command key graphic for Macintosh and similar keyboards new keyboard, menu, command key, MenuPrivate nobody enhancement normal
#14937 Tiny chunks of entropy from /dev/urandom new urandom nobody bug normal
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