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#13614 MediaPlayer Streaming issues assigned mediaplayer, stream, streaming, url nobody bug high
#6988 System speaker remains active with audio file playback ICH6 new MediaPlayer, system speaker korli bug normal
#7206 Stopping/starting add-ons when they are not needed/needed new mediaplayer mixer add-ons nobody enhancement normal
#7732 Volume of background clips not restored properly. new Media Player stippi enhancement normal
#7989 MediaPlayer needs play video/audio URL and shuffle features. new MediaPlayer, Shuffle, URL stippi enhancement normal
#8061 Add option for Mediaplayer's playlist in the Tracker's menu context assigned mediaplayer context menu adding files playlist nobody enhancement normal
#8062 Quick shortcuts in MediaPlayer new mediaplayer shortcuts button gui stippi enhancement normal
#8134 MediaPlayer use drawbitmap mode instead of overlay mode new mediaplayer video overlay disabled drawbitmap slow video stippi bug normal
#8178 MediaPlayer: change the behavior of autoplay and of loop new mediaplayer loop autostart behavior previous file stippi bug normal
#8496 Display subtitles included in .mkv files new mediaplayer subtitles mkv stippi enhancement normal
#8694 Have MediaPlayer automatically select a subtitle if available. new mediaplayer subtitles stippi enhancement normal
#8695 The file "MediaPlayer Current Playlist" can result in an error of MediaPlayer new mediaplayer autoplay could cause an error stippi bug normal
#9209 Media player S&T windowing improvement new stack and tile mediaplayer stippi enhancement normal
#9210 Media player S&T performance improvement new media player stack tile performance stippi enhancement normal
#9286 MediaPreferences: enhancement about audio sources/inputs assigned MediaPreferences mixer line out as audio input nobody enhancement normal
#9351 MediaPlayer has "out of memory" on mp4 files type in VirtualBox. new media player, out of memory, video ring buffer stippi bug normal
#9458 Memory leak in BMediaFile -> BMediaTrack assigned BMediaFile BMediaTrack memory leak nobody bug normal
#11661 MediaPlayer Subtitles font size (easy) new MediaPlayer subtitles stippi enhancement normal
#13459 BMediafile fails to find extractor/decoder for Ogg streams assigned BMediaFile, Ogg, AdapterIO nobody bug normal
#13783 media_addon_server fails after upgrade new media_addon_server nobody bug normal
#14681 Playing audio file with embedded Art consumes way too much CPU assigned MediaPlayer, playback, cpu, pulkomandy bug normal
#9477 Audio mixer: increase buss count, renaming, load+save new mixer media kit bus buss buses busses routing routings surround sound multichannel multi channel 5.1 7.1 professional audio soundcard sound card mapping mappings remapping remappings mono stereo individual outputs nobody enhancement low
#9478 Audio mixer: showing dB, setting unity gain, output level new mixer media kit level levels show dB fader faders marking markings display popup tooltip unity gain 0dB meter meters metering clip clipped clipping peak rms vu volume nobody enhancement low
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