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#5606 Running on secondary monitor via VGA Extension port not work [ on laptops ] assigned dual head, video nobody bug normal
#5940 Header file for the USB video driver (easy) reopened USB video drivers mmlr enhancement normal
#8134 MediaPlayer use drawbitmap mode instead of overlay mode new mediaplayer video overlay disabled drawbitmap slow video stippi bug normal
#8702 Audio Ogg files are mistakenly marked as Video Ogg files new audio ogg files mistakenly marked as video ogg files axeld bug normal
#9351 MediaPlayer has "out of memory" on mp4 files type in VirtualBox. new media player, out of memory, video ring buffer stippi bug normal
#11469 Webpositive playing youtube videos restart after ads reopened webpositve youtube adds video restart pulkomandy bug normal
#9932 Allow selection of display on graphics devices with multiple outputs new graphics video selection multiple display nobody enhancement low
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