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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1048 add support for PowerPC assigned enhancement normal Unscheduled System
#2267 Sound plays with noise (using OSS) in-progress bug normal R1 Drivers/Audio/OpenSound
#3287 cannot mount floppy in-progress bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Floppy
#4001 No sound (OSS) and Volume Control replicant inactive in-progress bug normal R1 Drivers/Audio/OpenSound
#4624 Audio garbled with OSS on CS4624/CS4297A audio chipset new bug normal R1 Drivers/Audio/OpenSound
#5496 PANIC: dec_vnode_ref_count: called on busy vnode 0x819517f8 new bug normal R1 File Systems/NFS
#6164 ppc: PANIC: arch_int_init_post_device_manager(): Found no supported PIC! assigned bug normal Add-Ons
#6538 CodyCam can't find video source (for formerly working webcam) in-progress bug normal R1 Applications/CodyCam
#6798 Master Ticket: Updating audio drivers to co-exist with OpenSound new bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Audio/OpenSound
#7950 Sound only via OSS, but choppy new bug normal R1 Drivers/Audio/OpenSound
#10240 PowerPC build broken after PM assigned bug normal Unscheduled Build System
#11927 Loader FATFS improperly triggering on TARFS new bug normal Unscheduled System/Boot Loader
#12804 Haiku needs a screen reading utility assigned enhancement normal R2 Applications
#13102 XDG Icon Naming Specs to Haiku Icons (GCI 2016) assigned enhancement normal Unscheduled User Interface
#13269 Add BStringList support for CodyCam Settings new enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/CodyCam
#13671 Update script for attachment to hardware related tickets assigned task normal Unscheduled - General
#14738 [pc_serial] Sometimes gets stuck in Write() (even in async mode) assigned bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/TTY
#14942 hrev52910 disables nVidia VESA scaling - regression assigned enhancement normal Unscheduled System/Boot Loader
#1061 fix NFSv2 copyrights, clarify licencing. in-progress enhancement low R1 File Systems/NFS
#1062 add copyright headers to googlefs; cleanup code. in-progress enhancement low Unscheduled File Systems/GoogleFS
#1064 Replicant-ify and nsPlugin-ify MediaPlayer in-progress enhancement low Unscheduled Applications/MediaPlayer
#11543 Hp Pavilion dv6 mute sound key led is blinking with OSS. new bug low R1 Drivers/Audio/OpenSound
#12645 haiku_loader should detect boot partition from MultiBootInfo new bug low Unscheduled System/Boot Loader
#12986 Use half-stars in Tracker's "rating" attribute column new enhancement low Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#13725 Implement trojan-horse host take-over assigned enhancement low Unscheduled System/Kernel
#14743 Shelf screensaver should have an option to move replicants randomly assigned enhancement low Unscheduled Add-Ons/Screen Savers
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