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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#3483 gone missing reopened bug normal Unscheduled Website/Trac
#7170 Add Ticket Voting support to Haiku's Trac assigned enhancement normal Website/Trac
#9743 Translate-toolkit fails when parsing the header of a catkeys files which contains non-ascii characters new bug normal Website/Pootle
#12249 Document tests / unit tests in developer docs? new enhancement normal Documentation
#13333 New ticket form: Component popup menus in-progress enhancement normal Website/Trac
#13338 Haiku Book missing InterfaceKit header links new bug normal Documentation
#14018 Pootle translations not making it to the nightly builds reopened bug normal Website/Pootle
#14036 [Pootle 2.8] Tracking ticket for Pootle 2.8 in-progress task normal Unscheduled Sys-Admin
#14051 "Browse Sources" link gone from trac in-progress bug normal Website/Trac
#14071 New strings don't arrive at pootle site new bug normal Website/Pootle
#14097 Trac: post-commit hook new enhancement normal Website/Trac
#14499 [Pootle] is very slow to load new bug normal Website/Pootle
#14525 [Package Kit] some strings are not localized in-progress bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Package Kit
#14635 [Trac] add plugins new enhancement normal Unscheduled Website/Trac
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