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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#2136 Deskbar doesn't have the 'show the desktop' feature reopened enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Deskbar
#3310 A root user should be called "root" reopened bug normal R2 - General
#5064 Laptop doesn't shutdown anymore with ACPI enabled reopened bug normal R1 Drivers/ACPI
#7565 [Text_search] System name is missing reopened enhancement normal R1 Add-Ons/Tracker
#8002 USB devices not working on SB600 - device timeouts. reopened bug normal R1 Drivers/USB/OHCI
#9028 GLTeapot Performance Issues under swrast add-on reopened bug normal R1 Kits/OpenGL Kit/Software Rasterization
#9112 Latest Zenebona for BeOS R5 crashin on Haiku reopened bug normal R1 Audio & Video
#9438 Mixer not resampling very well reopened bug normal R1 Add-Ons/Media/Mixer
#9900 "Double fault!", copying from BFS partition on USB external drive reopened bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#10074 ftp client can't see files served by ftpd reopened bug normal R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#10991 readdir (dirent.h) does not have d_type reopened enhancement normal Unscheduled System/POSIX
#11139 Realtek 8168 network card doesn't work with haiku package installed in ~/config reopened bug normal R1 Servers/net_server
#11262 Inconsistent date format reopened enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#11527 MediaPlayer unable to keep up with 4K video reopened bug low R1 Servers/media_server
#11636 Create Light and Dark themes reopened enhancement normal R2 - General
#12608 BTextControl Centering is Broken reopened bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Interface Kit
#12969 [Package Kit] better error handling of broken repos reopened bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Package Kit
#13141 HaikuDepot - Add system requirement to HPKG packages reopened enhancement normal R1 - General
#13796 [TextControl] Text don't align when typing or removing reopened bug normal R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#14310 [Installer] disable Show optional packages reopened bug normal R1/beta1 Applications/Installer
#14557 KDL when booting on Intel "Hades Canyon" NUC in XHCI::XHCI(pci_info *info, Stack *stack) reopened bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/USB/XHCI
#14623 [Battery Status] Haiku hangs on starting Akku-Info reopened bug normal Unscheduled - General
#840 Translation kit should be reviewed for utf-8 string vulnerabilities new enhancement normal R1 Kits/Translation Kit
#1070 Implement a precache algorithm for the file system caches new enhancement normal Unscheduled System/Kernel
#1071 Identify and fix performance bottlenecks in the kernel and I/O subsystems new enhancement normal R1 System/Kernel
#1085 Add Mount Rainier support to the CD driver new enhancement normal Unscheduled Drivers/Disk
#1086 Add ExpressCard support new enhancement normal Unscheduled Drivers
#1102 Enable the kernel to run as a userland process on top of itself new enhancement normal Unscheduled System/Kernel
#1588 Geforce 8xxx support in Nvidia driver new enhancement normal R1 Drivers/Graphics/nVidia
#1810 [Network] implement pptp/l2tp support new enhancement normal Unscheduled Network & Internet/PPP
#1863 Extend the FreeBSD compatibility layer beyond networking new enhancement normal System/Kernel
#1904 Hardware cursor not working on Matrox G200 new bug normal R1 Drivers/Graphics/Matrox
#1907 Replace GNU C library and utilities with BSD-licensed equivalents new enhancement low R2 System/
#1993 Implement using HPET timers and other mechanisms than TSC for time keeping new enhancement normal R1 System/Kernel
#2138 [Tracker] ability to preview the content of files new enhancement low Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#2198 Add BTabView::SetSelectionMessage() like BListView does new enhancement low Unscheduled Kits/Interface Kit
#2490 File version as on VMS (DEC VAX) new enhancement low File Systems/BFS
#3173 Make query string transformation behave more to expectations new enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#3207 implement <utmpx.h> new enhancement normal Unscheduled System/POSIX
#3545 bootman : implement multi-drive support new enhancement normal Unscheduled System/Kernel
#3608 SpicyKeys-like dialog when pushing unknown keys on multimedia keyboards new enhancement normal Unscheduled Preferences/Shortcuts
#3613 Does not rememeber the selected partitions new bug normal R1 Applications/Installer
#3688 C-Media CMI8738 sound driver needed new enhancement low R1 Drivers/Audio/C-Media
#3951 Add "Random" feature to Backgrounds new enhancement low Unscheduled Preferences/Backgrounds
#4016 Rewrite all old-style drivers to use "device manager" API. new enhancement normal Unscheduled Drivers
#4167 FilePanel should mimic Tracker windows new enhancement normal R1 Kits/
#4356 When hardware cursor is not available, mouse cursor should be disabled in BDirectWindow windows. new enhancement low R1 Servers/app_server
#4397 Pairs sometimes loses track of tiles new bug normal R1 Applications
#4414 Selection drawing error in list new bug low R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#4503 Bootman won't install on a mixed IDE and AHCI system new bug normal R1 Applications/BootManager
#4560 Hardware/Software configuration app for users to report known good/bad hardware/software new enhancement normal R1 - General
#4576 There should be a BTimer new enhancement normal Unscheduled Kits/Application Kit
#4684 Twitcher should expand to show full window title new enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Deskbar
#4727 Any video player (ex. VLC) except for bundled MediaPlayer plays back only sound, black sreen/window for video new bug normal R1 Audio & Video
#4733 [AboutSystem] Celeron is detected as Intel Core new bug low R1 Applications/AboutSystem
#4761 Unable to mount magneto optical disks read/write with USB drive. new bug normal R1 System/Kernel
#4763 Implement automatic ABI change detection script new enhancement normal R1 - General
#4793 Selectable/Copyable text in file Info Panels new enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Tracker
#4818 Frequency scaling not working on Intel T1300 new bug normal R1 Drivers/ACPI
#4912 Button defaults in "Choosing Destination" dialog new enhancement normal R1 Applications/Expander
#4938 ACPI problems (implement sleep modes and lid driver) new enhancement normal Unscheduled Drivers/ACPI
#4947 Identify Missing/Incorrect POSIX Functionality new enhancement normal Unscheduled System/POSIX
#4964 bootup hangs with dual screen new bug normal R1 Drivers
#5025 More Backgrounds enhancements new enhancement normal R1 Preferences/Backgrounds
#5099 'Eject' Missing for context menu (for optical disks). new enhancement normal R1 - General
#5103 Superfluous Node Monitor nofications on FAT volumes new bug normal Unscheduled File Systems/FAT
#5148 API for enumerating hardware new enhancement normal Unscheduled Kits/Device Kit
#5194 Touchscreen devices could use a Penmount driver new enhancement normal Drivers
#5195 Cardbus bridge detected, but attached devices are not new enhancement normal Drivers
#5196 CF card is not detected new bug normal Drivers/Disk/ATA
#5552 Design HVIF icons for possible BToolbar API new enhancement low Unscheduled - General
#5572 Daylight Savings Time prompt despite clock being set to GMT new bug normal R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#5683 Implement <aio.h> asynchronous I/O new enhancement normal Unscheduled System/POSIX
#5684 Implement <mqueue.h> message queues new enhancement normal Unscheduled System/POSIX
#5687 Fix [u]alarm() and *itimer() support new bug normal Unscheduled System/POSIX
#5967 Devices Application improvements new enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Devices
#5974 [AboutSystem] Single to double digit memory use increases the width of the left hand column new bug normal R1 Applications/AboutSystem
#6059 FTPD receiving network data takes way too much CPU (rtl8139) new bug normal R1 Drivers/Network/rtl8139
#6073 GLTeapot Irregular FPS new bug normal R1 Applications/GLTeapot
#6133 Drive Setup after creating a new FAT32 partition could not mount it new bug normal R1 File Systems/FAT
#6136 [AboutSystem] Pentium Dual-Core detected as Intel Pentium new bug low R1 Applications/AboutSystem
#6162 ScanIt application crashes new bug normal R1 Drivers
#6247 [pci] ppc: PCI does not support "grackle"-compatible device new enhancement normal Add-Ons
#6285 Implement posix_fallocate() new enhancement low Unscheduled System/POSIX
#6328 Support for switchable graphics new enhancement normal R1 Drivers/Graphics
#6351 DHCP settings of different cards are mixed up new enhancement normal Network & Internet
#6385 Create logo for HAIKU_DISTRO_COMPATIBILITY = 'compatible' new task normal Unscheduled - General
#6416 Mount-Menu not working after unmount new bug normal R1 Drivers
#6428 Consistent naming of *attr cli commands new enhancement normal Unscheduled Applications/Command Line Tools
#6462 [Screenshot] doesn't capture an icon you are dragging new bug normal R1 Applications/Screenshot
#6474 wifi seems not to work with a BCM4312 : Vendor: 0x14e4, device:0x4312 new bug normal R1 Drivers/Network/broadcom43xx
#6480 Broadcom BCM43225 - Add a Broadcom 43xx Wifi Driver new enhancement normal Unscheduled Drivers/Network/broadcom43xx
#6502 ifconfig and address parameters new bug normal R1 Network & Internet
#6514 Advanced Audio I/O (re)routing new enhancement normal R2 Audio & Video
#6545 [IDEA] Digital signature implementation new enhancement normal Unscheduled System
#6546 Keymap -l should be more specific about errors in the layout new enhancement normal R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#6589 Start poorman with sharing directory argument new enhancement normal R1 Applications/PoorMan
#6636 Integrated stereophonic-to-binaural DSP new enhancement low Unscheduled Audio & Video
#6755 Python 2.7's fails self.assertEquals(st2.st_mtime, int(st.st_mtime-delta)) new bug normal R1 System
#6896 [Cortex] double clicking media add-ons opens inactive window new bug normal R1 Applications/Cortex
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