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#2675 Backlight turned off on Radeon Mobility X600 in-progress euan bug normal R1
#4062 Switcher does not always switch workspaces when a Tracker window is selected in the list assigned nobody bug normal R1
#4095 Twitcher window can be hidden (B_FLOATING_APP_WINDOW_FEEL doesn't work properly) assigned nobody bug normal R1
#4381 Some ideas to improve spatial Tracker in the future assigned nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled
#5513 DiskUsage: Additional features inspired by Windows application Disk Space Fan assigned stpere enhancement normal Unscheduled
#7078 Allowing shortcuts without the B_COMMAND_KEY modifier assigned jscipione enhancement normal Unscheduled
#7314 Allow for scanning only a specific folder in DiskUsage new stpere enhancement normal R1
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