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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#10454 New scheduler: substantial performance drop in-progress pdziepak high R1 System/Kernel
#13787 Change {set_}real_time_clock functions to use uint64 new nobody high R2 System/
#6385 Create logo for HAIKU_DISTRO_COMPATIBILITY = 'compatible' new nobody normal Unscheduled - General
#7486 HowTo: become a contributor assigned nobody normal R1 Documentation
#8811 Acquire license from Adobe to use trademarks for PDF icons new nobody normal R1 - General
#9588 Needed Icons and art work. new stippi normal R1 User Interface
#10537 ARM memory barrier assembly code needs reviewed for correctness assigned nobody normal Unscheduled System/Kernel
#11099 ARM: Cubieboard (A10) / Cubieboard 2 (A20) support new nobody normal Unscheduled System/Kernel
#11828 Look into using one-time-passwords as secondary authentication method for baron assigned haiku-web normal Sys-Admin
#11834 Consolidate & restrict backup procedure over ssh assigned haiku-web normal Sys-Admin
#12301 [ARM] Implement missing glibc math funcs assigned nobody normal Unscheduled System/
#12773 Create common video connector language new kallisti5 normal Unscheduled Drivers/Graphics
#12963 Media Kit Test Baseline new kallisti5 normal Unscheduled Audio & Video
#13024 EFI - Signed loader binary assigned nobody normal Unscheduled System/Boot Loader
#13182 [SoundRecorder] rewrite to use Layout API assigned nobody normal Unscheduled Applications/SoundRecorder
#13183 Add copy constructor for BStringRef assigned nobody normal Unscheduled Kits/Support Kit
#13637 Unify APP_VERSION attributes new humdinger normal Unscheduled - General
#13665 Investigate porting DRM via linux compatibility headers new nobody normal Unscheduled Drivers/Graphics
#13671 Update script for attachment to hardware related tickets assigned mmu_man normal Unscheduled - General
#13846 AMD RX Vega Series new kallisti5 normal Unscheduled Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#13979 Test bootstrap builds on the buildbot new haiku-web normal Website
#14036 [Pootle 2.8] Tracking ticket for Pootle 2.8 in-progress nielx normal Unscheduled Sys-Admin
#14288 upstream gcc patches from buildtools assigned kallisti5 normal Unscheduled - General
#14436 UEFI: Make architecture generic new nobody normal Unscheduled System/Boot Loader
#14967 Add EFI platform support to makebootable new nobody normal Unscheduled System/Boot Loader
#14997 New French keymap for NF Z71-300 new axeld normal Unscheduled Preferences/Keymap
#13196 MediaPlayer gets confused if you have a corrupted mp3 file in your playlist... new stippi low R1 Applications/MediaPlayer
#14461 Update Project History page assigned nobody low Unscheduled Website/
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