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#13869 [RFC] Additions to libbsd new PulkoMandy, axeld nobody enhancement normal
#13521 Corrupted borders in the Save file panel of Pe new looncraz, axeld, humdinger nobody bug normal
#10958 Odd signal behavior when starting certain command line applications via Debugger new bonefish, axeld anevilyak bug low
#13720 kernel debugger demangler add-ons fail to properly handle some symbols assigned bonefish, axeld anevilyak bug normal
#1621 Rewrite menu tracking using Mouse hooks assigned axeld@…, niels.egberts@… nobody enhancement low
#14673 Mitigate L1TF (Intel processor vulnerability) new axeld, korli nobody bug normal
#1099 Lossless rotation of JPEG images in ShowImage assigned axeld nobody enhancement normal
#1171 Add support for VIA/S3 Unichrome PRO IGP assigned axeld nobody enhancement normal
#12398 Lateral Black Borders with Intel GMA 3150 assigned axeld nobody bug normal
#12703 Anomalous/incorrect behavior of get_team_info() in conjunction with start_watching_system() new axeld bonefish bug normal
#13222 [Tracker] use 32x32 icons with font size >= 18pt. assigned axeld jscipione enhancement normal
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