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#8660 no SiS IGP drivers new siarzhuk nobody enhancement normal
#5783 [Tracker] don't try to fix executable bit on read only file systems assigned siarzhuk nobody bug normal
#4523 black screen on ATI Mobility Radeon X700 new siarzhuk euan bug normal
#2499 [Keymap] shortcuts don't work with some keymaps assigned fyysik, siarzhuk nobody bug normal
#1729 [radeon] monitor turns off after boot logo new Wanderer49@…, siarzhuk, jstressman@… euan bug normal
#1504 Enable USB -> RS-232 Serial port adapter on startup to allow for serial debugging new siarzhuk mmlr enhancement normal
#1449 implement keymap switching application reopened siarzhuk, fyysik, prognathous@… korli enhancement normal
#1106 Port USB mass storage driver to new SCSI module API assigned siarzhuk nobody enhancement normal
#1045 USB isochronous streams assigned doug@…, siarzhuk, emitrax, mmlr nobody enhancement normal
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