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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4012 NTFS handles deletions incorrectly new 3dEyes bug critical R1
#4925 Tracker freezing all internal trackers processes while copying from BFS -> NTFS new 3dEyes bug normal R1
#11207 File Info: Wrong creation Date with NTFS formated HD new 3dEyes bug normal R1
#11407 KDL when performing multiple writes in ntfs_inode_close new 3dEyes bug normal R1
#14093 File time stamps - Haiku mis-handles NTFS time stamps new 3dEyes bug normal Unscheduled
#11016 Significant NTFS write performance differences USB2/eSATA new 3dEyes bug low R1
#11911 "executable" permission lost when files copied to an NTFS partition new 3dEyes enhancement low Unscheduled
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