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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1994 TCP does not support urgent (or inline) data new hugosantos bug normal R1
#2967 getpeername() succeeds on unconnected sockets assigned phoudoin bug normal R1
#12815 scp and sftp stall endlessly when uploading large files assigned nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#13088 Performance: Investigate network I/O bottlenecks assigned nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled
#13681 tcp: 2018: implementing TCP SACK option reopened axeld enhancement normal Unscheduled
#13769 git-push failure following TCP changes reopened axeld bug normal Unscheduled
#13927 gpgme KDL's when test are enabled new axeld bug normal Unscheduled
#15081 listen() causes a socket to be "connected" new axeld bug normal Unscheduled
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