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#6673 [registrar] can be crashed by running multiple instances of mimeset new bonefish bug critical R1
#2126 Cancel Shutdown does not work as expected assigned nobody bug normal R1
#3359 [InstallCD] Safe mode in Install CD does not work new bonefish bug normal R1
#9081 Haiku don't terminate app on shutdown correctly when binaries from Haiku build presented. new bonefish bug normal R1
#10067 Extension should determine file type with same sniffer rule new bonefish enhancement normal R1
#10948 [registrar] shutdown aborted alert sometimes doesn't have an icon new bonefish bug normal R1
#11591 C++ source file is identified as HTML new bonefish bug normal R1
#11766 New filetype only available after reboot assigned bonefish bug normal R1
#13155 [registrar] add Try again button in shutdown dialog new nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled
#7980 [registrar] animate blocking app icon assigned nobody enhancement low R1
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