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Ticket Summary Status Keywords Owner Type Priority
#14805 Remove struct size hacks in net80211 assigned waddlesplash bug blocker
#14961 Audit all syscalls for permissions and access checks assigned security waddlesplash bug blocker
#4012 NTFS handles deletions incorrectly new 3dEyes bug critical
#6359 Kernel panic when deleting file on a write protected usb key new mmlr bug critical
#6673 [registrar] can be crashed by running multiple instances of mimeset new bonefish bug critical
#6847 Hard disks not shuting down cleanly (does not park heads) new hard disk drive park heads shutdown marcusoverhagen bug critical
#12837 mouse deadzone new mouse stippi enhancement critical
#14562 IPv6 is not correct work new axeld bug critical
#14638 resizing terminal window results in pkgman download ssl errors assigned pulkomandy bug critical
#3 PCI bus_manager does no memory resource assignment in-progress marcusoverhagen bug high
#4 PCI bus_manager does no io port resource assignment in-progress marcusoverhagen bug high
#332 GameSound classes need code audit and cleanup assigned nobody bug high
#869 [IPCP] get ConnectOnDemand working new wkornewald bug high
#1576 Some headers should be rewritten assigned nobody bug high
#3171 Better prompting in Tracker file operations assigned nobody enhancement high
#4979 Original and translation can be different -> Relax parsing in-progress VinDuv bug high
#4991 Don't replace an open translation panel with another new VinDuv bug high
#7859 poll() on fd of an exited process returns wrong revents reopened phoudoin bug high
#8028 KDL: page fault at 0x8 (NULL dereference) in heap_allocate_from_bin assigned port heap mmlr bug high
#8104 Installer installs bootman automatically when it should not, corrupting install. new korli bug high
#8501 ClonedAreaMemory needs to be rethought new czeidler bug high
#9064 An invalidated BView does not draw to a BBitmap assigned nobody bug high
#10208 Drivesetup creating partition size errors new bonefish bug high
#10312 Kernel runs out of address space in checkfs new axeld bug high
#10336 TRIM / fstrim can destroy data on SSD's when executed in-progress TRIM fstrim axeld bug high
#10454 New scheduler: substantial performance drop in-progress pdziepak task high
#10850 Problem with small wav files new nobody bug high
#10931 Services Kit: No locking around access to HTTP context information such as authentication assigned pulkomandy bug high
#11862 Net server multi-protocol rework assigned ipv6 net server dhcp dhcpv6 nobody enhancement high
#13112 BPackageKit's BContext needs to be more user friendly assigned nobody bug high
#13614 MediaPlayer Streaming issues assigned mediaplayer, stream, streaming, url nobody bug high
#13694 [intel_extreme] Boot failure on Dual Core Pentium 2GHz new boot-failure, has-workaround kallisti5 bug high
#13754 Mouse + keyboard input non-functional after install new nobody bug high
#13787 Change {set_}real_time_clock functions to use uint64 new nobody task high
#13814 GPL License Review new nobody bug high
#13976 [Tracker] Window (menu) settings like Icon view do not persist for the system folder/subfolders new nobody bug high
#14382 Package kit boot activation doesn't create users new nobody bug high
#14451 Performance degradation after compiling large projects new nobody bug high
#14531 dlopen: program symbols override the one used by library new nobody bug high
#14535 GLInfo doesn't display renderer information and crashes on exit. new kallisti5 bug high
#14772 Computer hangs at shutdown new shutdown nobody bug high
#14790 Random KDL on Acer Apire one ZG5 reopened KDL waddlesplash bug high
#14810 Implement public suffix list to filter cookies new nobody bug high
#14923 Intel HDA Audio in Virtualbox Freezes Haiku new korli bug high
#15036 Prevent auto defaulting to screen resolutions higher than monitor display capability. new kallisti5 bug high
#15037 Prevent auto defaulting to screen resolutions higher than monitor display capability. new kallisti5 bug high
#15111 app_server: double free on WebPositive new axeld bug high
#605 [VLC] resizing control window doesn't resize the timeview assigned nobody bug normal
#808 Get userland stack to run again new enhancement normal
#840 Translation kit should be reviewed for utf-8 string vulnerabilities new nobody enhancement normal
#873 automatically create an interface instance for every configuration file new enhancement normal
#922 add CHAP authentication support new enhancement normal
#923 add dial-up (phone line) modem support assigned phoudoin enhancement normal
#976 convert_from_utf8() broken assigned pulkomandy bug normal
#1041 UDF attributes support new enhancement normal
#1042 implement ZeroConf/Bonjour support assigned nobody enhancement normal
#1045 USB isochronous streams assigned nobody enhancement normal
#1047 add DVD-RAM support to the CD driver new enhancement normal
#1048 add support for PowerPC assigned mmu_man enhancement normal
#1059 [IPCP] update DNS server list new enhancement normal
#1070 Implement a precache algorithm for the file system caches new nobody enhancement normal
#1071 Identify and fix performance bottlenecks in the kernel and I/O subsystems new nobody enhancement normal
#1073 Implement path MTU discovery assigned nobody enhancement normal
#1074 Identify and fix performance bottlenecks in our app_server assigned jua enhancement normal
#1082 Runtime Loader Fails for Programs on File Systems not Using the File Cache assigned nobody bug normal
#1085 Add Mount Rainier support to the CD driver new nobody enhancement normal
#1086 Add ExpressCard support new nobody enhancement normal
#1099 Lossless rotation of JPEG images in ShowImage assigned nobody enhancement normal
#1102 Enable the kernel to run as a userland process on top of itself new nobody enhancement normal
#1106 Port USB mass storage driver to new SCSI module API assigned nobody enhancement normal
#1133 BPicture R5 compatiblity (easy) new easy marcusoverhagen bug normal
#1171 Add support for VIA/S3 Unichrome PRO IGP assigned nobody enhancement normal
#1182 BGLScreen is not implemented assigned kallisti5 enhancement normal
#1242 Inode::WriteAttribute() does not work correctly for small_data items new axeld bug normal
#1244 create an .eps image translator new enhancement normal
#1259 Fix gcc 2.95.3 Type Info Functions new bonefish bug normal
#1264 multi-range selection in Tracker and list views new enhancement normal
#1293 External LCD on a second DVI in-progress euan bug normal
#1326 Undo/Redo menu items are not properly enabled/disabled in Mail app assigned nobody bug normal
#1349 "Sort by Name..." for Icon View in Tracker in-progress stpere enhancement normal
#1373 Better parsing of team name in /bin/top assigned nobody enhancement normal
#1402 Implement message logging for app_server <-> libbe communication assigned nobody enhancement normal
#1431 Mail codebase needs a cleanup to fix several issues in-progress stippi bug normal
#1449 implement keymap switching application reopened korli enhancement normal
#1458 Circle borders are rendered different in Tracker in-progress stippi bug normal
#1467 Can't move windows around with changed clickfunctions by UniversalScroller assigned nobody bug normal
#1480 when the Radeon card is not primary, bios may give info from the wrong card. in-progress euan bug normal
#1501 Failed Assertion in RegionSupport.cpp new stippi bug normal
#1504 Enable USB -> RS-232 Serial port adapter on startup to allow for serial debugging new mmlr enhancement normal
#1588 Geforce 8xxx support in Nvidia driver new nobody enhancement normal
#1651 [BTextControl] When alignment is set to B_ALIGN_RIGHT, the text is not aligned to the right of the control reopened jackburton bug normal
#1715 Tracker Deadlock on AppLooper Port assigned nobody bug normal
#1729 [radeon] monitor turns off after boot logo new boot-failure euan bug normal
#1760 Cortex does invasive changes new marcusoverhagen bug normal
#1768 Binutils 2.17 objdump Broken reopened bonefish bug normal
#1798 Radeon Mobility X1400 support assigned euan enhancement normal
#1810 [Network] implement pptp/l2tp support new nobody enhancement normal
#1815 Haiku takes very long to boot with new ata busmanager new marcusoverhagen bug normal
#1834 Minimum size should be calculated for extended partitions new bonefish bug normal
#1837 Implement Begin- and EndRectTracking() in the app_server new stippi bug normal
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