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#2960 Height of views change when adding/removing view assigned gci2011 nobody bug normal
#3164 Bug in terminal when using curses app over ssh assigned gci2011 nobody bug normal
#3753 The title of an inactive terminal tab isn't updated new gci2011 jackburton bug normal
#4912 Button defaults in "Choosing Destination" dialog new gci2011 nobody enhancement normal
#5083 Driver for Envy24HT (HT-S, GT) Sound Cards assigned via icensemble envy24ht envy24ht-s envy24gt 1412 1724 jerl1 enhancement normal
#5543 resolutions > 640x480 don't work on Dell Mini 10 w/ GMA500 aka poulsbo gfx assigned dell mini 10 gma500 poulsbo 800x576 1024x576 nobody bug normal
#5581 [Terminal] tab title is not updated after disconnecting from remote ssh server new gci2011 jackburton bug normal
#5678 BScrollView::MinSize() doesn't account for scroll bar components assigned gsoc2010 nobody bug normal
#6550 Terminal freezes when scrolling history assigned gci2011 nobody bug normal
#6896 [Cortex] double clicking media add-ons opens inactive window new gci2011 nobody bug normal
#6901 [Pulse] selecting deskbar mode closes it's settings window if it's open new gci2013 nobody bug normal
#6939 ShowImage imposes weird minimum image size depending on window size assigned gci2011 nobody bug normal
#6996 ALi M5229 IDE [10b9:5229] IDE Error: "timeout waiting for interrupt" new ata, timeout, 10b9, 5229, Fujitsu marcusoverhagen bug normal
#7196 Apple Mac Mini 2010 Model with No Sound new Mac Mini 2010 No Sound korli bug normal
#7487 haiku-nightly-r41272-x86gcc4hybrid-anyboot doesn't boot on acer netbook aO532h assigned acer netbook ao532h intel 3150 nobody bug normal
#7506 Filepanels mixing un/localized folder names new localization, gci2011 korli bug normal
#7568 unhandled ioctl on usb storage device (usb_disk) new usb_disk unhandled ioctl 32768 mmlr bug normal
#7720 [Terminal] text disappears after window resize assigned gci2011 nobody bug normal
#7723 R1/alpha3 won't boot on Dell Latitude D400 due to Intel 855gm chipset assigned 855gm 82855GM nobody bug normal
#7800 Expander extracting folder from read only volume new gci2011 korli bug normal
#7997 Selecting a large range of text within terminal, then right-clicking on selected text locks up the terminal application. new gci2011 jackburton bug normal
#8422 UserlandFS server doesn't compile with DEBUG assigned gsoc2012 pdziepak bug normal
#8750 Intel 82552 ethernet chip is not working new s10-3t Intel 82552 ethernet nobody enhancement normal
#9069 PS/2 mouse will not work assigned ps/2 ps2 mouse laptop nobody bug normal
#9087 promise_tx2 add-on (Promise FastTrak 100 TX2 driver) excluded from Haiku build in-progress promisetx2 ata ide axeld bug normal
#9250 TTC font format can't be identified assigned TTC FontManager TrueType2 nobody bug normal
#9651 Intel Extreme HD 2500 support assigned E3-1200 i5-3470 nobody enhancement normal
#10008 Haiku should verify availibility of an IP address before assigning it. assigned RFC5227, conflict nobody enhancement normal
#11099 ARM: Cubieboard (A10) / Cubieboard 2 (A20) support new ARM, Cubieboard, A20, nobody task normal
#11690 Fix CID 1255187, 1255202, 1255213, 1255260, 1255308 assigned gci2014 puckipedia bug normal
#12669 ELAN PS/2 touchpad not recognized as touchpad? new touchpad, driver, elan, ps2 tqh bug normal
#12709 Supported wireless & wired Nics not recognized under April 5th, 2016 build for x86_gcc2 assigned AR2413 AR2414 RTL8139 nobody bug normal
#13129 Touchpad buttons does not work on the Dell inspiron 3542 using nightly hrev50791 new Dell inspiron 3542 stippi bug normal
#13130 150Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter TP-LINK TL-WN727N Does not work at all new TL-WN727N TP-LINK nobody bug normal
#13612 BTRFS: Adding write support new gsoc2017 korli enhancement normal
#13665 Investigate porting DRM via linux compatibility headers new gsoc2017 drm 3d nobody task normal
#14056 % option is not available in DeskCalc new gsoc2018 stippi enhancement normal
#14095 ARM RPI2: Device mapping commented out new ARM RPI2 nobody bug normal
#14208 Radeon HD 6520G not supported new radeon, 6520g kallisti5 bug normal
#14485 TextSearch crash new win32 prefix phoudoin bug normal
#14787 Realtek RTL8822BE Wireless LAN card (PCI Express) driver new realtekwifi, realtek, rtl8822be enhancement normal
#14856 Keyboard problem on x200s with Coreboot+Tianocore new keyboard x200 x200s coreboot nobody bug normal
#15119 Implement multiboot2 bootloader support to haiku_loader new multiboot2 nobody enhancement normal
#344 Unify file/folder names in ~/config/settings assigned R2 nobody enhancement low
#1006 inconsistent behavior of Revert button in Backgrounds preflet (easy) assigned GCI2011 Janus bug low
#8379 Haiku should have a Raspberry Pi port. assigned Raspberry Pi, Raspberry, BCM2835 nobody enhancement low
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