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#2960 Height of views change when adding/removing view assigned gci2011 nobody bug normal
#3164 Bug in terminal when using curses app over ssh assigned gci2011 nobody bug normal
#3753 The title of an inactive terminal tab isn't updated new gci2011 jackburton bug normal
#4912 Button defaults in "Choosing Destination" dialog new gci2011 nobody enhancement normal
#5581 [Terminal] tab title is not updated after disconnecting from remote ssh server new gci2011 jackburton bug normal
#6550 Terminal freezes when scrolling history assigned gci2011 nobody bug normal
#6896 [Cortex] double clicking media add-ons opens inactive window new gci2011 nobody bug normal
#6901 [Pulse] selecting deskbar mode closes it's settings window if it's open new gci2013 nobody bug normal
#6939 ShowImage imposes weird minimum image size depending on window size assigned gci2011 nobody bug normal
#7506 Filepanels mixing un/localized folder names new localization, gci2011 korli bug normal
#7720 [Terminal] text disappears after window resize assigned gci2011 nobody bug normal
#7800 Expander extracting folder from read only volume new gci2011 korli bug normal
#7997 Selecting a large range of text within terminal, then right-clicking on selected text locks up the terminal application. new gci2011 jackburton bug normal
#8370 Onscreen keyboard new Acer, W500, GCI, On-Screen korli enhancement normal
#9374 People GUI should support vCard contacts assigned People, contacts, GUI, vCard, GCI jessicah enhancement normal
#11690 Fix CID 1255187, 1255202, 1255213, 1255260, 1255308 assigned gci2014 puckipedia bug normal
#12081 BPG codec required for future new BPG, GCI nobody enhancement normal
#13957 [GCI 2017] Fix various "Copy into fixed size buffer" errors reported by Coverity new gci nobody bug normal
#1006 inconsistent behavior of Revert button in Backgrounds preflet (easy) assigned GCI2011 Janus bug low
#13295 Get et6x00 driver building new gci nobody enhancement low
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