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#7487 haiku-nightly-r41272-x86gcc4hybrid-anyboot doesn't boot on acer netbook aO532h assigned acer netbook ao532h intel 3150 nobody bug normal
#8750 Intel 82552 ethernet chip is not working new s10-3t Intel 82552 ethernet nobody enhancement normal
#8885 Haiku start correctly only if i set color depth to 16 bit assigned Haiku start correctly only if i set color depth to 16 bit on intel extreme graphic card nobody bug normal
#9183 Intel HDA chip detected but failed to initialize sound - no audio device present new hda sound audio intel korli bug normal
#12398 Lateral Black Borders with Intel GMA 3150 assigned Intel nobody bug normal
#13152 Live-CD intel.extreme graphics driver no longer recognizes i965GM new graphics driver Intel i965GM kallisti5 bug normal
#14194 Add Kabylake graphics support new intel_extreme, kabylake kallisti5 enhancement normal
#14195 Add Coffee Lake graphics support new intel_extreme,coffeelake kallisti5 enhancement normal
#15035 Black screen when trying to boot on a Surface Book (1st gen) new surface,black screen,nvidia,intel nobody bug normal
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