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#5972 DD-WRT administration interface not rendered properly. javascript issues too new render issue stippi bug normal
#6112 Serial logging disabled VESA (safe video) mode assigned serial disable VESA fail safe nobody bug normal
#6847 Hard disks not shuting down cleanly (does not park heads) new hard disk drive park heads shutdown marcusoverhagen bug critical
#7550 persistent swap file assigned persistent swap file leavengood bug normal
#7568 unhandled ioctl on usb storage device (usb_disk) new usb_disk unhandled ioctl 32768 mmlr bug normal
#8061 Add option for Mediaplayer's playlist in the Tracker's menu context assigned mediaplayer context menu adding files playlist nobody enhancement normal
#8134 MediaPlayer use drawbitmap mode instead of overlay mode new mediaplayer video overlay disabled drawbitmap slow video stippi bug normal
#8612 app_server needs to be multi-head aware assigned multiple display, multiple crtc, multihead, multi-head nobody enhancement low
#8626 radeon_hd needs display port support new nutmeg, travis, displayport kallisti5 enhancement normal
#8693 After several hours of use, folders icons disappear. assigned folders icons disappear nobody bug normal
#8702 Audio Ogg files are mistakenly marked as Video Ogg files new audio ogg files mistakenly marked as video ogg files axeld bug normal
#8830 Sometimes cdrecord, mistakenly lists my cd burn device new cdrecord mistakenly lists my cd burn device nobody bug normal
#8850 wpa_supplicant and WPA2 enterprise support assigned WPA, enterprise, wpa_supplicant nobody enhancement normal
#8923 [Deskbar] Auto-raise does not work correctly when covered by a window assigned Auto-raise nobody bug normal
#9006 Nvidia Geforce 6200 Go (NV44) external display problem new External display rudolfc bug normal
#9007 Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (GM45) external display not working assigned External display nobody bug normal
#9087 promise_tx2 add-on (Promise FastTrak 100 TX2 driver) excluded from Haiku build in-progress promisetx2 ata ide axeld bug normal
#9393 NetworkInterfaces don't identify themselves properly while disabled new IsWireless IsEthernet BNetworkDevice axeld bug normal
#9467 Focus of windows is stolen reopened Focus of windows is stolen axeld bug normal
#9478 Audio mixer: showing dB, setting unity gain, output level new mixer media kit level levels show dB fader faders marking markings display popup tooltip unity gain 0dB meter meters metering clip clipped clipping peak rms vu volume nobody enhancement low
#9624 AX88772B USB Ethernet. Read::MISMATCH of the frame length assigned MISMATCH nobody bug normal
#9655 External usb hard disk with switch doesn't work/mount properly new External usb hard disk with switch doesn't work properly spindown mount mmlr bug normal
#9932 Allow selection of display on graphics devices with multiple outputs new graphics video selection multiple display nobody enhancement low
#10052 Some issues with OpenGL apps new Some issues with OpenGL apps libglu kallisti5 bug normal
#10910 Menubar needed to improve DeskCalc discoverability new deskcalc, menubar, discoverability stippi enhancement normal
#11836 Network Stack Doesn't Detect Dead or Dropped Network Connections new Dropped Dead Connection Timeout Disconnect Keep-alive nobody bug normal
#12015 Implement RNDIS for USB tethering assigned RNDIS USB tethering nobody enhancement normal
#12016 kernel config missing Disable local APIC option assigned kernel config APIC missing option nobody bug low
#12682 Tracker Icon View shows sort criteria assigned sort criteria list / icon view nobody bug normal
#12898 iSCSI initiator support new iSCSI nobody enhancement low
#13434 DriveSetup cannot see Linux partitions new Linux partitions invisible nobody bug normal
#13550 WebPositive history is not updated in certain cases new url, webpositive, history, navigation pulkomandy bug normal
#13615 listattr Long Format Listing has Garbage at end of CSTR Attributes new listattr nobody bug normal
#13757 BListView Selection Boxes not Updated new BListView, BListItem nobody bug normal
#13765 Out of range mode with the LG Flatron LCD display new out of range display mode nobody bug normal
#13856 Webpositive is missing trailing dots in menus new Missing dots in meny pulkomandy bug normal
#14658 GLTeapot displays horizontal line artifacts new GLTeapot, OpenGL, visual glitches kallisti5 bug normal
#14672 A new PCI-to-ISA bridge header file new PCI-to-ISA bridge nobody enhancement normal
#15127 Terminal > prompt overwritten when line too long new Terminal, display issue jackburton bug normal
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