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#8042 Early 2006 MacBook Pro 32-bit Hangs on Shutdown assigned shutdown, KDL, MacBookPro1_1 nobody bug normal
#8687 ShowImage: add "file info" with image properties, exif data, and so on new showimage add file info with exif data and all image properties edit entries leavengood enhancement normal
#9087 promise_tx2 add-on (Promise FastTrak 100 TX2 driver) excluded from Haiku build in-progress promisetx2 ata ide axeld bug normal
#9655 External usb hard disk with switch doesn't work/mount properly new External usb hard disk with switch doesn't work properly spindown mount mmlr bug normal
#10973 WebPositive ignores Proxy settings reopened proxy, webpositive pulkomandy bug normal
#14265 iprowifi3945 may not power ON wifi adapter new iprowifi3945, wpi waddlesplash bug normal
#14646 KDL on poweroff while network load over iprowifi4965 [patch] new kdl, iprowifi4965 waddlesplash bug normal
#14690 Add support for prctl(PR_SET_PDEATHSIG) or procctl(PROC_PDEATHSIG_CTL) new prctl, procctl, thread nobody enhancement normal
#6636 Integrated stereophonic-to-binaural DSP new stereo, DSP, library,improve,headphone nobody enhancement low
#9477 Audio mixer: increase buss count, renaming, load+save new mixer media kit bus buss buses busses routing routings surround sound multichannel multi channel 5.1 7.1 professional audio soundcard sound card mapping mappings remapping remappings mono stereo individual outputs nobody enhancement low
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