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#6133 Drive Setup after creating a new FAT32 partition could not mount it new Drive setup no label no mount nobody bug normal
#6795 Mechanism to detect and identify network printer and offer setup wizard assigned printer instillation setup nobody enhancement normal
#8885 Haiku start correctly only if i set color depth to 16 bit assigned Haiku start correctly only if i set color depth to 16 bit on intel extreme graphic card nobody bug normal
#9087 promise_tx2 add-on (Promise FastTrak 100 TX2 driver) excluded from Haiku build in-progress promisetx2 ata ide axeld bug normal
#9393 NetworkInterfaces don't identify themselves properly while disabled new IsWireless IsEthernet BNetworkDevice axeld bug normal
#9579 Implement a simple way to set default apps/handlers assigned Implement a simple way to set default apps handlers nobody enhancement normal
#11885 Mail settings: no destination directory causes mail fetching to fail new mail_daemon settings axeld bug normal
#12421 [DriveSetup] Free space missing new drivesetup stippi bug normal
#13464 AppServer crashes in SetCursor new SetCursor, Segment Fault axeld bug normal
#13569 WebPositive add a setting to control whether to switch to the new tab. new webpositive, new, tab, settings pulkomandy enhancement normal
#14181 Deskbar preferences are not persistent across reboots new preferences deskbar setting nobody bug normal
#14458 BWindow::Zoom gives inconsistent results new BWindow SetZoomLimits Zoom nobody bug low
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