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#5198 8GB USB Flash Drive is seen but not mounted new WebDT Geode USB mmlr bug normal
#5940 Header file for the USB video driver (easy) reopened USB video drivers mmlr enhancement normal
#7183 usb_serial needs cellular / 3G usb modem support new sierra cellular 3g modem serial usb mmlr enhancement normal
#7568 unhandled ioctl on usb storage device (usb_disk) new usb_disk unhandled ioctl 32768 mmlr bug normal
#8044 Early 2006 MacBook Pro will not boot until keyboard button is pressed assigned icons, keyboard, usb, initialization nobody bug normal
#9414 Logitech Mouse not working new mouse usb hardware mmlr bug normal
#9655 External usb hard disk with switch doesn't work/mount properly new External usb hard disk with switch doesn't work properly spindown mount mmlr bug normal
#10900 Kernel panic - ASSERT FAILED block_cache.cpp:1222 block->busy_writing assigned usb block cache nobody bug normal
#11360 usb Device timeouts - older hardware. new R1 alpha4 usb timeout adress mmlr bug normal
#11853 usb_serial data dropout new usb serial mmlr bug normal
#12015 Implement RNDIS for USB tethering assigned RNDIS USB tethering nobody enhancement normal
#12783 USB mouse doesn't work on boot new usb, mouse mmlr bug normal
#14589 Wacom Graphire4 A6: SMAP violation assigned USB Wacom Digitizer Tablet stippi bug normal
#14591 USB ports not working new USB mmlr bug normal
#14599 ext4 not recognized on removable media new ext4 usb nobody bug normal
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