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#6452 [DriveSetup] Corrupts MBR on some disks over 250GB. new MBR SATA stippi bug normal
#12754 MediaPlayer record playcount in attribute new playcount, attribute stippi enhancement low
#14637 Impossible to translate several strings new translations stippi bug normal
#7163 A pnginfo localization reopened pnginfo localization patch pulkomandy enhancement normal
#7167 A stxtinfo localization reopened stxtinfo localization patch pulkomandy enhancement normal
#7698 Tracking ticket for missing or incomplete localization assigned localization pulkomandy enhancement normal
#10403 BeOS Compatibility issues on x86_gcc2 hrev46660 in-progress compatibility pulkomandy bug normal
#13550 WebPositive history is not updated in certain cases new url, webpositive, history, navigation pulkomandy bug normal
#9587 [PATCH] Localizing libprint.a new Localization phoudoin enhancement normal
#5338 Long name not fit in Tracker status window assigned TrackerStatus nobody bug normal
#6545 [IDEA] Digital signature implementation new digital, signature nobody enhancement normal
#6660 [IDEA] generic compatibility layer backend for audio-plugins assigned VST, LADSPA, DSSI, plug, in, layer, compatibility nobody enhancement low
#6795 Mechanism to detect and identify network printer and offer setup wizard assigned printer instillation setup nobody enhancement normal
#7009 [IDEA] Integrated optimization framework assigned multi core dual optimization x64 nobody enhancement normal
#7161 A RAWTranslatorTest for the RAWTranslator Add-Ons assigned RAWTranslator nobody enhancement normal
#7502 [kernel] implement user Local Descriptor Table assigned kernel crash matroska LDT wine nobody bug normal
#8044 Early 2006 MacBook Pro will not boot until keyboard button is pressed assigned icons, keyboard, usb, initialization nobody bug normal
#9062 Panic triggered by mass storage device unplug assigned panic kernel fat unplug nobody enhancement normal
#9397 Tracker templates: add "application/x-person" assigned Tracker templates: add "application/x-person" nobody enhancement normal
#9458 Memory leak in BMediaFile -> BMediaTrack assigned BMediaFile BMediaTrack memory leak nobody bug normal
#9624 AX88772B USB Ethernet. Read::MISMATCH of the frame length assigned MISMATCH nobody bug normal
#10570 Native video mode with VESA through vesa bios live patching new PatchVBios nobody enhancement normal
#11201 Matrox output assigned Matrox nobody bug normal
#12101 Layout problem with Devices Bus Information tab new Bus Information PCI Information SCSI Information tab nobody bug normal
#12203 tar does not store attributes any more new tar, attributes,addattr, catattr nobody bug normal
#12620 Use a map for finding areas in ServerMemoryAllocator assigned ServerMemoryAllocator nobody enhancement low
#12874 Right clicking on home and using mouse to navigate to mail/inbox causes segmentation fault assigned right click, mouse, inbox, crash, segmentation fault nobody bug normal
#13615 listattr Long Format Listing has Garbage at end of CSTR Attributes new listattr nobody bug normal
#14776 Reproducible Tracker Query crash new tracker, query, crash, attribute nobody bug normal
#14851 Command key graphic for Macintosh and similar keyboards new keyboard, menu, command key, MenuPrivate nobody enhancement normal
#6662 VT82xxxxx UHCI USB 1.1 Controller Not Working new ati_via_dropped_interrupts mmlr bug normal
#6996 ALi M5229 IDE [10b9:5229] IDE Error: "timeout waiting for interrupt" new ata, timeout, 10b9, 5229, Fujitsu marcusoverhagen bug normal
#8344 SSD in Acer W500 isn't recognised new Acer, W500, SATA marcusoverhagen bug normal
#7786 Latency for many GUI operations assigned latency lag gui leavengood enhancement normal
#8687 ShowImage: add "file info" with image properties, exif data, and so on new showimage add file info with exif data and all image properties edit entries leavengood enhancement normal
#7506 Filepanels mixing un/localized folder names new localization, gci2011 korli bug normal
#9285 SoundRecorder: some enhancements and missing features new soundrecorder file format recording time save files korli enhancement normal
#13603 No sound with Creative SB Live! new Creative SB Live korli bug normal
#11443 AtomBIOS search needs to be more robust new atombios kallisti5 bug normal
#14136 Trac verification email assigned verification kallisti5 bug normal
#15057 System not updating since hrev53102 new pkgman, update , x64 haiku-web bug normal
#8625 Add drivers for Ati Radeon x1300 PCI-E new ati radeon x1300 pci-e vesa mode driver euan enhancement normal
#9194 Compaq NC8000 boots ok but backlight is off -> black screen new ati radeon euan bug normal
#13439 Update breaks running system new system update bonefish bug normal
#14972 If you use custom font for OS and run updates with that font, it get really weird new Font SoftwareUpdater bonefish bug normal
#9087 promise_tx2 add-on (Promise FastTrak 100 TX2 driver) excluded from Haiku build in-progress promisetx2 ata ide axeld bug normal
#13225 Application types - save feature doesn't work. reopened FileTypes, Application types axeld bug normal
#8050 Saved queries and query templates messed up when switching locale assigned localization aldeck bug normal
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