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#6150 no cut, copy, paste in right mouse button menu that manages the files. assigned menu files cut, copy , paste. nobody enhancement normal
#6287 partition-type inconsistency new MBR file-system partition-type stippi enhancement normal
#7550 persistent swap file assigned persistent swap file leavengood bug normal
#7763 Some files cannot be deleted from Trash assigned files, deletion, Trash nobody bug normal
#8061 Add option for Mediaplayer's playlist in the Tracker's menu context assigned mediaplayer context menu adding files playlist nobody enhancement normal
#8116 Add a "Select {current folder}" button to filepanels assigned BFilePanel nobody enhancement normal
#8131 WebPositive: add option "Ask where to save each file" new Ask where to save each file download webpositive leavengood enhancement normal
#8178 MediaPlayer: change the behavior of autoplay and of loop new mediaplayer loop autostart behavior previous file stippi bug normal
#8687 ShowImage: add "file info" with image properties, exif data, and so on new showimage add file info with exif data and all image properties edit entries leavengood enhancement normal
#8702 Audio Ogg files are mistakenly marked as Video Ogg files new audio ogg files mistakenly marked as video ogg files axeld bug normal
#8790 "Get info" and multiple files selection assigned "Get info" and multiple files selection nobody enhancement normal
#9285 SoundRecorder: some enhancements and missing features new soundrecorder file format recording time save files korli enhancement normal
#9458 Memory leak in BMediaFile -> BMediaTrack assigned BMediaFile BMediaTrack memory leak nobody bug normal
#10918 Kernel panic - ASSERT FAILED FileSystem.cpp:262 result != (((-214748367-1) + 0x6000) + 3) new nfs4, filesystem pdziepak bug normal
#13225 Application types - save feature doesn't work. reopened FileTypes, Application types axeld bug normal
#13459 BMediafile fails to find extractor/decoder for Ogg streams assigned BMediaFile, Ogg, AdapterIO nobody bug normal
#13521 Corrupted borders in the Save file panel of Pe new Pe, Tracker, BFilePanel nobody bug normal
#13643 BRefFilter un-filters ESCAPE key assigned BFilePanel, BRefFilter waddlesplash bug normal
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