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#6451 StyledEdit ignores font family if "regular" style not available new fonts, stylededit korli bug normal
#6602 [Font renderer] Problems with Semibold and Light variant of the font "Segoe UI" assigned font semibold light nobody bug normal
#7995 app server crash due to Freetype memory corruption. assigned libfreetype freetype FontEngine nobody bug normal
#9189 [Terminal] handle custom font sizes in settings window. new Preferences, Font size jackburton bug normal
#9222 Font style names should be sentence cased. assigned font nobody bug normal
#9250 TTC font format can't be identified assigned TTC FontManager TrueType2 nobody bug normal
#10112 Wonderbrush can't see additional fonts assigned Wonderbrush can't see additional fonts stippi bug normal
#11412 App_server won't return to default fonts without reboot assigned fonts nobody bug normal
#14063 problem formating font size on webpositive new font webpositive showing pulkomandy bug normal
#14972 If you use custom font for OS and run updates with that font, it get really weird new Font SoftwareUpdater bonefish bug normal
#7068 disabling font-antialiasing new Font Anti Aliasing darkwyrm enhancement low
#15112 Extend glyph hinting options assigned font nobody enhancement low
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