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#13614 MediaPlayer Streaming issues assigned mediaplayer, stream, streaming, url nobody bug high
#6988 System speaker remains active with audio file playback ICH6 new MediaPlayer, system speaker korli bug normal
#7206 Stopping/starting add-ons when they are not needed/needed new mediaplayer mixer add-ons nobody enhancement normal
#7989 MediaPlayer needs play video/audio URL and shuffle features. new MediaPlayer, Shuffle, URL stippi enhancement normal
#8061 Add option for Mediaplayer's playlist in the Tracker's menu context assigned mediaplayer context menu adding files playlist nobody enhancement normal
#8062 Quick shortcuts in MediaPlayer new mediaplayer shortcuts button gui stippi enhancement normal
#8134 MediaPlayer use drawbitmap mode instead of overlay mode new mediaplayer video overlay disabled drawbitmap slow video stippi bug normal
#8178 MediaPlayer: change the behavior of autoplay and of loop new mediaplayer loop autostart behavior previous file stippi bug normal
#8496 Display subtitles included in .mkv files new mediaplayer subtitles mkv stippi enhancement normal
#8694 Have MediaPlayer automatically select a subtitle if available. new mediaplayer subtitles stippi enhancement normal
#8695 The file "MediaPlayer Current Playlist" can result in an error of MediaPlayer new mediaplayer autoplay could cause an error stippi bug normal
#9209 Media player S&T windowing improvement new stack and tile mediaplayer stippi enhancement normal
#11661 MediaPlayer Subtitles font size (easy) new MediaPlayer subtitles stippi enhancement normal
#14681 Playing audio file with embedded Art consumes way too much CPU assigned MediaPlayer, playback, cpu, pulkomandy bug normal
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