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#6150 no cut, copy, paste in right mouse button menu that manages the files. assigned menu files cut, copy , paste. nobody enhancement normal
#6151 A simple powerfull right mouse button menu on the yellow window bar for enhanced management new menu yellow window bar stippi enhancement normal
#6438 BPopUpMenu labels do not truncate assigned BPopUpMenu nobody bug normal
#6730 BMessaging files from BMenu like Tracker does new bmessage, bmenu, tracker stippi enhancement normal
#7078 Allowing shortcuts without the B_COMMAND_KEY modifier assigned menus, shortcuts jscipione enhancement normal
#7306 BTextControl's default context menu doubling bug assigned BTextControl context menu doubling nobody bug normal
#8061 Add option for Mediaplayer's playlist in the Tracker's menu context assigned mediaplayer context menu adding files playlist nobody enhancement normal
#10910 Menubar needed to improve DeskCalc discoverability new deskcalc, menubar, discoverability stippi enhancement normal
#14851 Command key graphic for Macintosh and similar keyboards new keyboard, menu, command key, MenuPrivate nobody enhancement normal
#14401 BMenu::DrawBackground contains unused code new BMenu, be_control_look nobody bug low
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