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#5103 Superfluous Node Monitor nofications on FAT volumes new Node Monitor nobody bug normal
#5286 Arranging icons assigned arrange icons desktop folder nobody enhancement normal
#5968 DriveSetup install problem new Unknown Partition Type stippi bug normal
#6287 partition-type inconsistency new MBR file-system partition-type stippi enhancement normal
#6451 StyledEdit ignores font family if "regular" style not available new fonts, stylededit korli bug normal
#6602 [Font renderer] Problems with Semibold and Light variant of the font "Segoe UI" assigned font semibold light nobody bug normal
#6621 media player volume control algorithm needs work assigned volume controls nobody bug normal
#6795 Mechanism to detect and identify network printer and offer setup wizard assigned printer instillation setup nobody enhancement normal
#7009 [IDEA] Integrated optimization framework assigned multi core dual optimization x64 nobody enhancement normal
#7163 A pnginfo localization reopened pnginfo localization patch pulkomandy enhancement normal
#7167 A stxtinfo localization reopened stxtinfo localization patch pulkomandy enhancement normal
#7206 Stopping/starting add-ons when they are not needed/needed new mediaplayer mixer add-ons nobody enhancement normal
#7306 BTextControl's default context menu doubling bug assigned BTextControl context menu doubling nobody bug normal
#7506 Filepanels mixing un/localized folder names new localization, gci2011 korli bug normal
#7698 Tracking ticket for missing or incomplete localization assigned localization pulkomandy enhancement normal
#7763 Some files cannot be deleted from Trash assigned files, deletion, Trash nobody bug normal
#7995 app server crash due to Freetype memory corruption. assigned libfreetype freetype FontEngine nobody bug normal
#8041 Heavy filesystem usage produces inodes that checkfs cannot open and cannot fix new checkfs, corruption, inode, Tracker, copy, Trash, delete, stresstest axeld bug normal
#8044 Early 2006 MacBook Pro will not boot until keyboard button is pressed assigned icons, keyboard, usb, initialization nobody bug normal
#8050 Saved queries and query templates messed up when switching locale assigned localization aldeck bug normal
#8061 Add option for Mediaplayer's playlist in the Tracker's menu context assigned mediaplayer context menu adding files playlist nobody enhancement normal
#8062 Quick shortcuts in MediaPlayer new mediaplayer shortcuts button gui stippi enhancement normal
#8320 Problems with ping and gethostbyname function. assigned ping, gethostbyname, irs.conf, hosts nobody bug normal
#8333 HD-Audio, driver line-in/microphone-in doesn't work new line-in microphone-in mmlr bug normal
#8370 Onscreen keyboard new Acer, W500, GCI, On-Screen korli enhancement normal
#8457 Blank screen after boot on Radeon Mobility 4670 HD new blank radeon kallisti5 bug normal
#8625 Add drivers for Ati Radeon x1300 PCI-E new ati radeon x1300 pci-e vesa mode driver euan enhancement normal
#8693 After several hours of use, folders icons disappear. assigned folders icons disappear nobody bug normal
#8790 "Get info" and multiple files selection assigned "Get info" and multiple files selection nobody enhancement normal
#8885 Haiku start correctly only if i set color depth to 16 bit assigned Haiku start correctly only if i set color depth to 16 bit on intel extreme graphic card nobody bug normal
#9002 Wrong Resolution for viewsonic full hd 1080p moniter VX-2450wm-led new EDID resolution euan bug normal
#9028 GLTeapot Performance Issues under swrast add-on reopened GLTeapot one core not responsive 100% CPU usage nobody bug normal
#9112 Latest Zenebona for BeOS R5 crashin on Haiku reopened Zenebona nobody bug normal
#9189 [Terminal] handle custom font sizes in settings window. new Preferences, Font size jackburton bug normal
#9194 Compaq NC8000 boots ok but backlight is off -> black screen new ati radeon euan bug normal
#9222 Font style names should be sentence cased. assigned font nobody bug normal
#9250 TTC font format can't be identified assigned TTC FontManager TrueType2 nobody bug normal
#9374 People GUI should support vCard contacts assigned People, contacts, GUI, vCard, GCI jessicah enhancement normal
#9397 Tracker templates: add "application/x-person" assigned Tracker templates: add "application/x-person" nobody enhancement normal
#9587 [PATCH] Localizing libprint.a new Localization phoudoin enhancement normal
#9722 Strange behaviour when selecting icons on Desktop using the keyboard assigned Strange behaviour when selecting icons on Desktop using the keyboard nobody bug normal
#9748 Zoom button doesn't work after reboot new Zoom button resize window doesn't work after reboot stippi enhancement normal
#9762 Artifacts on Desktop assigned artifacts on desktop minimized windows nobody bug normal
#10008 Haiku should verify availibility of an IP address before assigning it. assigned RFC5227, conflict nobody enhancement normal
#10112 Wonderbrush can't see additional fonts assigned Wonderbrush can't see additional fonts stippi bug normal
#10193 HDA: no sound out of front headphones new hda front speaker korli bug normal
#10194 Ext3 500GB HDD mounted only as read-only new ext3 read-only korli bug normal
#10606 Add support for Radeon 7480D (A4 5300 APU) ? assigned Radeon 7480D kallisti5 enhancement normal
#11412 App_server won't return to default fonts without reboot assigned fonts nobody bug normal
#11836 Network Stack Doesn't Detect Dead or Dropped Network Connections new Dropped Dead Connection Timeout Disconnect Keep-alive nobody bug normal
#11884 POP3 mail add-on does not delete mails from server new mail_daemon pop3 axeld bug normal
#11885 Mail settings: no destination directory causes mail fetching to fail new mail_daemon settings axeld bug normal
#12101 Layout problem with Devices Bus Information tab new Bus Information PCI Information SCSI Information tab nobody bug normal
#12131 Folder Optionsevery time default then system start up new folder option stippi bug normal
#12159 No Epson printer drivers? new epson phoudoin enhancement normal
#12554 Refractions v1.0 BeOS crashed at startup new refraction nobody bug normal
#12586 SoundPlay tips window buttons have bad text color assigned ui_color, BControl, BButton nobody bug normal
#12608 BTextControl Centering is Broken reopened BTextControl, Center nobody bug normal
#12644 MBR & stage1 do not handle boot partition passing for chainloading (makebootable should not be required) assigned chainload, partition, GRUB, MBR, stage1 nobody bug normal
#12682 Tracker Icon View shows sort criteria assigned sort criteria list / icon view nobody bug normal
#12874 Right clicking on home and using mouse to navigate to mail/inbox causes segmentation fault assigned right click, mouse, inbox, crash, segmentation fault nobody bug normal
#12968 radeon_hd AMD R5 on AMD A8-7100 Radeon R5 (Thinkpad E555) wrong resolution assigned radeon_hd kallisti5 bug normal
#13008 Webpositive: when 'X' is clicked to stop connections, they sometimes are not stopped new Webpositive connection stop pulkomandy bug normal
#13102 XDG Icon Naming Specs to Haiku Icons (GCI 2016) assigned Icons mmu_man enhancement normal
#13129 Touchpad buttons does not work on the Dell inspiron 3542 using nightly hrev50791 new Dell inspiron 3542 stippi bug normal
#13200 No boot path found, scan for all partitions. assigned boot, partition, volume, EFI, BIOS, nobody bug normal
#13225 Application types - save feature doesn't work. reopened FileTypes, Application types axeld bug normal
#13434 DriveSetup cannot see Linux partitions new Linux partitions invisible nobody bug normal
#13550 WebPositive history is not updated in certain cases new url, webpositive, history, navigation pulkomandy bug normal
#13655 max resolution on asus eeepc X101CH is 800x600, which is not native new resolution nobody bug normal
#13783 media_addon_server fails after upgrade new media_addon_server nobody bug normal
#14063 problem formating font size on webpositive new font webpositive showing pulkomandy bug normal
#14102 Incomplete GCC detection in configure assigned gcc configure waddlesplash bug normal
#14136 Trac verification email assigned verification kallisti5 bug normal
#14208 Radeon HD 6520G not supported new radeon, 6520g kallisti5 bug normal
#14350 ACPI Embedded Controller driver is not loaded new acpi, embedded controller tqh bug normal
#14437 Cannot open specific SVG icons new Does not support some svg-icons stippi bug normal
#14637 Impossible to translate several strings new translations stippi bug normal
#14662 HP Paviliion B&O works in legacy mode with safe video enabled! new graphic, driver, hp, pavilion nobody bug normal
#14839 DriveSetup doesn't modify GPT UUID Partition code when formating Haiku partition assigned GPT UUID Partition Code nobody enhancement normal
#14972 If you use custom font for OS and run updates with that font, it get really weird new Font SoftwareUpdater bonefish bug normal
#14973 Empty Alerts new Empty Alerts with no buttons nobody bug normal
#6529 Implement resizing of partitions new resize partition haiku stippi enhancement low
#6636 Integrated stereophonic-to-binaural DSP new stereo, DSP, library,improve,headphone nobody enhancement low
#7068 disabling font-antialiasing new Font Anti Aliasing darkwyrm enhancement low
#7405 Webpositive: change the color of text selection new webpositive text color selection leavengood enhancement low
#9419 Some icon meanings may not scale internationally new icon, HVIF stippi enhancement low
#9477 Audio mixer: increase buss count, renaming, load+save new mixer media kit bus buss buses busses routing routings surround sound multichannel multi channel 5.1 7.1 professional audio soundcard sound card mapping mappings remapping remappings mono stereo individual outputs nobody enhancement low
#9744 Greek (Extended).Keymap – Greek Polytonic keyboard assigned Greek Polytonic nobody enhancement low
#9932 Allow selection of display on graphics devices with multiple outputs new graphics video selection multiple display nobody enhancement low
#11543 Hp Pavilion dv6 mute sound key led is blinking with OSS. new pavilion,led,blink mmu_man bug low
#12016 kernel config missing Disable local APIC option assigned kernel config APIC missing option nobody bug low
#14401 BMenu::DrawBackground contains unused code new BMenu, be_control_look nobody bug low
#15112 Extend glyph hinting options assigned font nobody enhancement low
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