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#8028 KDL: page fault at 0x8 (NULL dereference) in heap_allocate_from_bin assigned port heap mmlr bug high
#13694 [intel_extreme] Boot failure on Dual Core Pentium 2GHz new boot-failure, has-workaround kallisti5 bug high
#4964 bootup hangs with dual screen new boot-failure, has-workaround nobody bug normal
#5103 Superfluous Node Monitor nofications on FAT volumes new Node Monitor nobody bug normal
#7009 [IDEA] Integrated optimization framework assigned multi core dual optimization x64 nobody enhancement normal
#7078 Allowing shortcuts without the B_COMMAND_KEY modifier assigned menus, shortcuts jscipione enhancement normal
#7106 WebPositive: Implement haiku error messages assigned haiku error messages leavengood enhancement normal
#7161 A RAWTranslatorTest for the RAWTranslator Add-Ons assigned RAWTranslator nobody enhancement normal
#7173 Changing current workspace by mouse only assigned workspace usability mouse nobody enhancement normal
#8041 Heavy filesystem usage produces inodes that checkfs cannot open and cannot fix new checkfs, corruption, inode, Tracker, copy, Trash, delete, stresstest axeld bug normal
#8042 Early 2006 MacBook Pro 32-bit Hangs on Shutdown assigned r42888, shutdown, KDL, MacBookPro1_1, CoreDuo nobody bug normal
#8062 Quick shortcuts in MediaPlayer new mediaplayer shortcuts button gui stippi enhancement normal
#8115 vm_page_fault: unhandled page at 0xdeadbeef, ip 0x8006176d assigned port heap mmlr bug normal
#8178 MediaPlayer: change the behavior of autoplay and of loop new mediaplayer loop autostart behavior previous file stippi bug normal
#8297 BeOS game Kraptor crash on startup new BeOS, game, Kraptor, crash nobody bug normal
#8626 radeon_hd needs display port support new nutmeg, travis, displayport kallisti5 enhancement normal
#8695 The file "MediaPlayer Current Playlist" can result in an error of MediaPlayer new mediaplayer autoplay could cause an error stippi bug normal
#8830 Sometimes cdrecord, mistakenly lists my cd burn device new cdrecord mistakenly lists my cd burn device nobody bug normal
#8885 Haiku start correctly only if i set color depth to 16 bit assigned Haiku start correctly only if i set color depth to 16 bit on intel extreme graphic card nobody bug normal
#9028 GLTeapot Performance Issues under swrast add-on reopened GLTeapot one core not responsive 100% CPU usage nobody bug normal
#9185 BDirectWindow::SupportsWindowMode() doesn't check for hardware cursor support new BDirectWindow hardware cursor jackburton bug normal
#9201 cdrecord: KDL When start to burning DVD-RW new cdrecord: KDL When start to burning DVD-RW nobody bug normal
#9210 Media player S&T performance improvement new media player stack tile performance stippi enhancement normal
#9268 BStringList::Sort with own comparing method. assigned BString, Sort, compare nobody enhancement normal
#9285 SoundRecorder: some enhancements and missing features new soundrecorder file format recording time save files korli enhancement normal
#9301 Corum III don't work in Haiku. assigned Corum III nobody bug normal
#9351 MediaPlayer has "out of memory" on mp4 files type in VirtualBox. new media player, out of memory, video ring buffer stippi bug normal
#9393 NetworkInterfaces don't identify themselves properly while disabled new IsWireless IsEthernet BNetworkDevice axeld bug normal
#9457 API for Obtaining Cursor Shape Bitmap and Change Notification assigned cursor, vnc nobody enhancement normal
#9458 Memory leak in BMediaFile -> BMediaTrack assigned BMediaFile BMediaTrack memory leak nobody bug normal
#9655 External usb hard disk with switch doesn't work/mount properly new External usb hard disk with switch doesn't work properly spindown mount mmlr bug normal
#9748 Zoom button doesn't work after reboot new Zoom button resize window doesn't work after reboot stippi enhancement normal
#9913 No word-wise jumping in Mail and Vision reopened shortcut jscipione bug normal
#12101 Layout problem with Devices Bus Information tab new Bus Information PCI Information SCSI Information tab nobody bug normal
#12322 [kernel] PANIC on boot with HP LaserJet 1102w printer attached assigned boot-failure, has-workaround nobody bug normal
#12586 SoundPlay tips window buttons have bad text color assigned ui_color, BControl, BButton nobody bug normal
#12682 Tracker Icon View shows sort criteria assigned sort criteria list / icon view nobody bug normal
#13430 Workspaces are broken for me reopened workspaces, black screen stippi bug normal
#13464 AppServer crashes in SetCursor new SetCursor, Segment Fault axeld bug normal
#13550 WebPositive history is not updated in certain cases new url, webpositive, history, navigation pulkomandy bug normal
#13640 WebPositive performance & redraw issues. new performance, rendering pulkomandy bug normal
#14034 No "button picture" for some shortcuts in the menus new shortcut nobody bug normal
#14188 Haiku Package Repository Mirrors new mirrors bonefish enhancement normal
#14437 Cannot open specific SVG icons new Does not support some svg-icons stippi bug normal
#14579 OHCI eats interrupts that are not its own new network, ethernet nobody bug normal
#14668 Dlink DWA-525 PCI rev A2 wi-fi adapter can't find any networks new driver, network, ralinkwifi, wi-fi nobody bug normal
#14856 Keyboard problem on x200s with Coreboot+Tianocore new keyboard x200 x200s coreboot nobody bug normal
#14884 Cannot sign into Gerrit - "Forbidden" new gerrit, forbidden kallisti5 bug normal
#14982 Kills Host Networking when running in VirtualBox new VikrtualBox Networking ICMP Host Unreachable axeld bug normal
#7405 Webpositive: change the color of text selection new webpositive text color selection leavengood enhancement low
#12620 Use a map for finding areas in ServerMemoryAllocator assigned ServerMemoryAllocator nobody enhancement low
#14837 Check BKeyStore passwords on new BKeyStore credential nobody enhancement low
#14957 auto_ptr shouldn't be used with new[] new syntax error nobody bug low
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