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#5968 DriveSetup install problem new Unknown Partition Type stippi bug normal
#6287 partition-type inconsistency new MBR file-system partition-type stippi enhancement normal
#12644 MBR & stage1 do not handle boot partition passing for chainloading (makebootable should not be required) assigned chainload, partition, GRUB, MBR, stage1 nobody bug normal
#13200 No boot path found, scan for all partitions. assigned boot, partition, volume, EFI, BIOS, nobody bug normal
#13434 DriveSetup cannot see Linux partitions new Linux partitions invisible nobody bug normal
#14839 DriveSetup doesn't modify GPT UUID Partition code when formating Haiku partition assigned GPT UUID Partition Code nobody enhancement normal
#6529 Implement resizing of partitions new resize partition haiku stippi enhancement low
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