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#6731 8086:24d5 not supported by auich driver ICH5 reopened Sound, PERL, D865 korli bug normal
#7196 Apple Mac Mini 2010 Model with No Sound new Mac Mini 2010 No Sound korli bug normal
#7850 haiku doesn't recognized my onboard audio card assigned auvia,opensound,kernel,audio nobody bug normal
#7920 onboard Sound card not recognized; Delll optiplex gx1 new sound, driver, korli bug normal
#8232 MCP89 chipset recognized, but no sound new soundcard, Mac, Macbook korli bug normal
#9183 Intel HDA chip detected but failed to initialize sound - no audio device present new hda sound audio intel korli bug normal
#9285 SoundRecorder: some enhancements and missing features new soundrecorder file format recording time save files korli enhancement normal
#12082 Default sound theme needed new sound theme korli enhancement normal
#9477 Audio mixer: increase buss count, renaming, load+save new mixer media kit bus buss buses busses routing routings surround sound multichannel multi channel 5.1 7.1 professional audio soundcard sound card mapping mappings remapping remappings mono stereo individual outputs nobody enhancement low
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